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talisman in the societal context - preparation for the exam

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Len Karakowsky

Jagjeet Dhawan Talisman in the societal contextpreparation for the examy Page 178this case is about going beyond simply generating at profit IE they are doing their job by location sources oil y They are obeying the law andcompeting fairly y They are apparently making profit However there may be a need to go beyond this defended protect the welfare of society IE to make decisions that reflects societal interest In this case Talisman may need to go above and beyond simply drilling oil AST profit and consider what impacts their business dealings has on the local societyIE by funding this civil war and the murder of civilians they are perhaps violating societal interests of defending human rights and human life by inadvertently funding this war by paying the government to lease the land Using talismans landing space for military aircraft and also government kicking people off their landSo this is a case of CSR2 ARGUMENTS FOR CSR The talismans company provided a positive change in Sudan such as creating health clinic for the people and water wells for them The talisman CEO Jim Buckee took actions towards what happened because them He did say thathe believed that them being in Sudan was for a good cause but if it does harm the Sudanese because of them then they are willing to get out of there since for them the business for them is creating values of the stakeholders Also Middleton of Freedom Quest is willing to take responsibility to pay for all the damages to the victims of Sudans oil fuelled genocideThe tali
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