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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Len Karakowsky

CHAPTER 1: Organizations:  Public/ governmental organizations provide goods/services without necessarily generating a profit  Private/non-governmental organizations, including voluntary organizations, that offer good/services without necessarily generating a profit  Private organization that procduce good/services with the intent of making a profit for the benefit of their owners/ shareholders 1. Organizations are social entities – made up of people, entities that have been generated and are maintained by people, some level of human interaction 2. Organizations are created to achieve goals –goal directed, all organizations has some goal or objective they were designed to achieve 3. Organization interact with the environment- obtains inputs from its environment, in the form of people, raw materials, technology or financial capital. Are transformed by organizations to outputs: goods/services/ knowledge that the organization generates Organization as open system:  system can be defined as interdependent elements working together to achieve a goal(s)  organization as systems is intended to guide our understanding of what organizations are all about and how they function and survive  open system- organizations are entities that are embedded in and dependent on exchanges with the environment they operate within  organizations can be viewed as social systems, with people constituting the basic elements  closed system- function and survive depends on their ability to remain divorced from their environment, fully self- sufficient entities  organizations environments represents all elements that exist outside the organization and influence or affect the organization in some way Specific Environment  stakeholders  parties or groups that have direct influence on the organizations ability to obtain resources and generate outputs  E.g. : customers, government, local public, creditors, distributors, unions, competitors, employees, suppliers General Env
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