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ADMS 1010 Midterm 1 Review

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1010
Eytan Lasry

FALL 2013 ADMS MIDTERM 1 REVIEW Canadian EconomicPolitical HistoryFrench settlement fur tradeIntensely competitive trade opened the continent to exploration and settlementEstablished social economic and colonial relationships forming a influential role in the creation of CanadaStrong CatholicFirst French traders came to ACADIA to exploit trading British conquest 1763 timberJust after Seven Years War first global war of Britain vs France fur trade expanded Westward expansion Ended by the Treaty of Paris where Britain had taken over CanadaFur trade declined timber became Canadas important commoditySt Johns River where they were shipped to England Later on moved to St Lawrence River shipped to Quebec then London1842 Britain tariffs were lifted making transatlantic profitable steam engines and new technologies allowed trading to continueSide effects of timber trade Immigration transatlantic was cheap and since quality and safety of the ships improved because of high demands giving increase profits ships would carry passengers to immigrate to North America As well increase in employment for them Confederation BNA 1867 at Charlottetown Dominion of Canada NB NVS Canada EASTWESTMacdonald forced political relationships and alliances with Cartier leader of French Canadian and Brown Central government responsible for Peace order and good government Macdonald Maritimes railroad connections wants to be part of bigger union share debtsPromote free trade among colonies more landFearUS expansion low population in other provincesAgricultureEvents that influenced early CanadaEuropean Famine and immigrationGreat Migration of Canada 18151850 Population growth decreased jobs in Europe Industrial Revolution was growing technologies was taking over peoples jobsHigh unemployment at the end of the Napoleonic Wars as a result of soldiers seeking work The Industrial Revolution and mechanisation resulting in fewer jobs Decline of mining in south west England as reserves were depleted Corn Laws making it hard to survive Poor harvests especially of potatoes leading to famine IrishGreat Famine Mass starvationAfter British population double than French and many were seduced of cheap land bad for original settlers and problems between French and English became more politicalAmerican Revolution 177583Dispute over taxes administration and territorial requirements George Washing ton vs Lord CornwallisBritain Royal Navy veterans from previous warsAdvantage to Americans Geography and surroundings alliances from different countries France Spain Netherlandspatriots fightingClose Peace of Paris September 1783US as independent country leaving American government in full control of new nationWar of 1812President Madison declared war against BritainAmericans attacked Upper CanadaSir Isaac Brock admin of UC made alliance with First Nations focused on defensed Pushed onto American Territory Detroit The United States declared war in 1812 for several reasons Including trade restrictions brought about by Britains continuing war with France US said they are illegal and against the international lawThe impressment of American merchant sailors into the Royal NavyBritish support of American Indian tribes against American expansionOutrage over insults to national honour after humiliations on the high seasPossible American interest in invading CanadaDuring the war British was busy with the Napoleonic war and after winning more army joined and won the Battle of Bladensburg which led them to burning the White house
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