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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1010
Brian Dunn

ADMS 1010 MIDTERM NOTES COURSE OBJECTIVESHOW CANADAS BUSINESS CULTURE AND LAWS HAVE EVOLVEDHOW CANADIAN BUSINESS HAS FAILED AND SUCCEEDEDWHERES CANADIAN BUSINESS IS GOING LECTURE 1INTRODUCTION HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE CANADA HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE CANADIAN SOCIETAL VALUES Diversity multiculturalism equality rights and freedoms social safety nets welfare Benefits EI socialized healthcare education A degree of transparency Environmentally friendly policies Tolerance People encouraged to become politically involved DESCRIBE THE TYPE OF POLITICAL FORCES Charter of rights and freedomsMultipolitical federally and provincially giving voters opportunities to choose who they elect Representative responsible government The constitutional principle of common law The judiciary is governedFederalism 2 levels of government Democratic monarchy Laws are impersonal Constitutional of natural law is there are penalties fines incarceration when the law has been breachedElected opposition political party in parliamentWHERE ARE LAWS MADE Parliament makes lawsCourtsJudges Quazi Judicial laws made by regulatory agencies Canada has both common law derived from Britain and civil law practiced in Quebec Various types include civil tort public and family constitutional laws With charter of rights and freedoms there are protections and safeguards for Canadian citizensDivided sovereignty WHAT ARE THE ECONOMIC FORCES WHAT ARE THE FORCES OF BUSINESSCapitalism and the government intervention mixed economy Supplies jobs goods services income Owns and allocates resources Societal values globalization selfinterests competition technology money economies of the country and those of others natural resources cheap labourexploitation of resources Taxation and regulation versus corruptions fiscal and monetary policiesMarket trends consumer behaviour demographicsP 21 CASE BANK LECTURE 2 DEFINING CANADACURRENCYBANKS LAYING THE FOUNDATIONS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF CANADIAN BUSINESS 18501905With the expansion of a newly established Canada the following affected the development of Canadian business 1 PUBLIC POLICY i The British North America Act 1867 created the Dominion of Canada and allocated responsibilities between the federal and provincial govts The federal govt jurisdiction was given areas as regulation of commerce currency and banking Specific
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