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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1010
Alex Browning

PART 1 – THIS IS A MANDATORY QUESTION THAT ALL STUDENTS MUST ANSWER, INCLUDING DEFERRED STANDING AGREEMENT STUDENTS QUESTION 1 Short answer questions. Answer five (5). Each question is valued at 5 marks for a total of 25 marks. Answers will be principally evaluated on theoretical explanations. 1. Case Law 2. Senate of Canada 3. Canada’s National Policy 4. J.M. Keynes 5. Canadian Federalism 6. De-regulation _______________________________________________________________ After you have answered five from above, you have an opportunity for a 5 MARK BONUS in short answer: Porter Model PART 2 OF THE FINAL EXAMINATION CONTINUES ON THE NEXT PAGE. PART 2 – ALL STUDENTS WILL ANSWER THREE (3) OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS. QUESTION 2 Canada’s global competitiveness has been a major source of debate among economists. Define competitiveness and assess Canada’s global competitiveness. In your answer, identify two different approaches for measuring competitiveness. (25 marks) QUESTION 3 Ex
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