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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1010
Alex Browning

YORK UNIVERSITY ATKINSON FACULTY OF LIBERAL AND PROFESSIONAL STUDIES SCHOOL OF ADMINISTRATIVE STUDIES AK/ADMS 1010 3.0 ALL SECTIONS BUSINESS IN THE CANADIAN CONTEXT FINAL EXAMINIATION DECEMBER 14, 2006 7:00 – 10:00 p.m. STUDENT FIELD HOUSE ________________________________________________________________ WEIGHTING OF GRADES SECTIONS A,B,C,D,G,H&I SECTIONS E & F MID-TERM ASSIGNMENT 40% 35% PARTICIPATION 10% FINAL EXAMINATION 60% 55% TIME ALLOWED: THREE HOURS INSTRUCTIONS: 1. This is a CLOSED BOOK FINAL EXAMINATION. No consultation with notes, textbooks or dictionaries is permitted. No electric aids, including cell telephones, pagers, electric dictionaries, etc., are permitted. 2. Answer four (4) questions in as much detail as possible. All questions are equally weighted. 3. Extensive use and visible reference to course theoretical content are expected and necessary for a satisfactory grade. 4. Number and answer each question separately. 5. Write only in pen. QUESTION 1 In his article Globalization and Canadian Economic and Industrial Strategy, James Gillies argues that every industrial country in the world, including Canada has enacted hundreds of pieces of legislation that influence the manner in which business operates. Whether or not these policies add up to what can be considered a strategy, however, depends not on how many programmes there are, but on whether or not a country, through its government has an economic goal (or goals) that it is attempting to achieve. (Gillies: 180) Identify Canada’s early industrial strategy and the goal or goals that were intended to be achieved. Explain how Canada’s industrial strategy has shifted over time and what are Canada’s goals in the twenty first century. (25 marks) QUESTION 2 On October 31, 2006, federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced a new tax on income trust distributions in a bid to stem the growing number of companies that are converting to trusts. Outline the reasons why the trust structure was an attractive one for companies to consider. Then, using A General Model of Government Intervention, identify one Quality Determinant that will predict the effectiveness of the new tax on income trusts. (25 marks) QUESTION 3 Francis Fukuyama, the author of the best seller The End of History and father of the neo-conservative movement has had a change of heart. In his recent book America at the Crossroads, Professor Fukuyama states that neo-conservatism has evolved into something he can no longer support and feels that it should be discarded on to history’s pile of discredited ideologies. Describe and contrast neo-conservatism with one other ideology. In your answer, provide two examples of Canadian government policies – one consistent with neo-conservatism and the other reflecting an alternative ideology. (25 marks) QUESTION 4 On October 24, 2006, Bombardier announced that 1,330 jobs would be cut, including at least 485 jobs in Montreal, as it scales back production of its regional jets. The company said 645 jobs will be cut in Belfast, Northern Ireland, beginning in January 2007. Montreal will lose 485 jobs starting in late November, while another 200 management and salaried jobs in Canada will be eliminated this month. Bombardier's aerospace division employed roughly 26,900 people as of July 2006. A key Bombardier competitor — the Brazilian airplane maker, Embraer — has been getting many of the aviation world's recent regional jet orders, as it has bigger planes. ( ) Bombardier remains one of Canada's biggest industrial employers. It's the world's biggest maker of passenger trains and the third biggest maker of civilian aircraft. Why might the lay offs at Bombardier be perceived as a problem for Canadian governments’ regional economic development programmes? (25 marks) QUESTION 5 On October 10, 2006, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government introduced Canada’s Clean Air Act. “which will set in motion the country’s first comprehen
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