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Week 7: Bank of Canada (Factors that made Canadian dollar going up).docx

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1010
Alison Kemper

1A What factors made Canadian dollar going up in market What effect does it have on the Canadian economyIn few years Canada has faced an increase in economy with lower valued dollar However lately we have seen that Canadian dollar has gone up in market due to many factors Canadian loonies soured to heights due to the monetary policy that are used at market Tight monetary policy controls and raises Canadian interest rates and attracts more capital flows into Canada Brean 53 Monetary policy impacts inflation rate that influence rate of Canadian dollar When inflation rate which is the annual percentage change of the price level is lower relatively to other countries it contributes the flow of investment money into Canada It will increase demand for Canadian dollar and the pressure on the value of it Parkin and Bade 498 Brean 5355 Investment from foreign investors in Canada brings up Canadian dollars When they buy stocks bonds invest in business or purchase Canadian goods they must get Canadian dollars from currency market Increase in investments brings up demand for Canadian Dollar where exchange rate influences itBrean 53
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