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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1010
Alison Kemper

Tariffs tax on importexport goods by government Mercantilism government regulates foreign trade to increase wealthsecurityNational Policy created by John A Macdonald for high tariff on imported manufacturer items to protect manufacturing industries settlement of west build railway protection tariff Reciprocity Treaty between British North AmericaUnited States for free trade mutual list of goods that they trade btwn them tariff free Protective Tariff American companies built factoryplants in Canada to avoid tariffs Stern Model of National Growth federal govn created protectionist barriers for CDN industries Porters Diamond 4ForcesFirm strategy rivalry competitivenessInput Factors create labour infrastructure technology financeDemand drive innovation within industry global trendsRelatedSupportive Industries suppliers local supporting industries are competitiveLECTURE 2 Bank Act 1871 ensures all banks are registered by federal govn Sound currency stable measure to gold standards relate money into value of gold Francis Hincks proposal was accepted because was very involve in wanting Bank of Montreal to winBank Act Revision every 10 years prove everything was legal and correct Exchange rates multiple currencies depending on who sets currencies LECTURE 3 Massey created farming enhance equipment to save labour time Thresher help wwheat harvestclearing trees off land selling trees to buy more land Competition other farmers will look for more efficient ways to grow harvest corp Competition btwn Massey vs Harris rivalry increased national growth Reciprocity Treaty allowed Massy to import resources like lumber from US duty free Porters Forces RelatedSupporting Industry freedom to choose btwn CDNUS sources weakened local supplier power Demand growing market share for farming equipment distribution channels using railways to ship Tariffs national policy increases higher importing tariff increases input costMasseyHarris merged together to create economies of scale Financial Massey was successful due to new immigrants needing land workers from Ireland Stern Diagram Massey NonPredatory Govn Massey had working relationship wPM who wanted Massey to succeedFinancial System sell farm implementations because good contract laws sound banking Professional Mgmt Massey made mistake not entering US earlierWilfred Laurier thI think we can calm Canada shall fill the 20 century put ads in Britain to show pictures of how beautiful Canada is birds flying over open landwater created boundaries btwn CANUS for people to recognize there CDN national policy to open the west have railways immigrationLECTURE 4 Crown Corporations startedowned by govn can make profit have shareholders CDN National Railway CNR Liquor Control Board Ontario LCBO TransCAN Airlines Petro Hydro
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