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QUESTION 1 Based on your research of the October 2008 federal election campaign platforms of the three federal political parties, that is, the Conservatives, Liberals and New Democratic Party, explain the differences in their ideologies by giving ONE (1) specific example for each of the three federal political parties that clearly define the responsibilities of government and business. Ensure that your answer provides an explanation of the characteristics of the ideologies. (25 marks) QUESTION 2 Since the federal election in October 2008, we’ve seen an economy that was considered globally safe enter into a global recession. Based on the assigned mid-term assignment articles from Tom Wesson’s Canada And The New World Economic Order (Third Edition), what will be the economic implications on Canada’s competitiveness of the Conservative platform example you provided in Question 1? Refer to Donald J.S. Brean, Canada’s Economy: Structure and Performance, pp. 34 – 59 for economic indicators to answer the question. (25 marks) PART B – ANSWER THE FOLLOWING TWO QUESTIONS ON THE CASE STUDY COMMERCIALIZATION OF THE LCBO USING A GENERAL MODEL OF GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION QUESTION 3 In 1997 the National Quality Institute reported that the Ontario government ranked as among 21 sectors of the economy in consumer satisfaction. One of the rationales for privatization is that government enterprises cannot perform as efficiently nor provide the same level of customer service as the
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