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QUESTION 1 While in general, globalization has been identified with increasing economic integration and a new division of labour, its impact has been clearly evident in labour markets in both developed and developing countries. With reference to the assigned articles in Dr. Tom Wesson’s textbook Canada And The New World Economic Order (Third Edition), discuss globalization with specific reference to the recent announcements made by General Motors Inc. regarding the closing of its Truck Plant in Oshawa , Ontario and General Motor’s struggle to regain its competitiveness against stronger international competitors. (25 marks) QUESTION 2 The Ontario government has been supportive of the demands of the Canadian Auto Workers union (C.A .W.) to establish discussions with General Motors Inc. on what opportunities lay ahead for the Truck Plant facilities and the 2,600 salaried and other 2,000 white-collar workers. Based on your research and news reports, explain how the Canadian Auto Workers (C.A.W.) fits the framework of an interest group outlined in Stanbury and Moore’s article entitled Role of Interest Groups in Influencing Public Policy in Canada. (25 marks) NOTE: Your answers must be proper university essay with THESIS STATEMENTS. Spelling and grammar do count. PART 2 – CASE STUDY: SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT IN TORONTO The closing of a bottling plant in Toronto has sparked a highly public fight between the world’s largest manufacturer of glass containers and the Crown corporation that has a near monopoly on wine and liquor sales in Ontario
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