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ADMS 2320 Formula Sheet

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Administrative Studies
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ADMS 2320
Henry Bartel

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The methods of Sampling Plan: Simple Random, Stratified, Cluster. Sampling errors: different samples yield different sampling errors; may be positive or negative; expected sampling error decreases as sample size increases. Nonsampling Error (3 types)= error in data acquisition, nonresponse errors, selection bias (increase in same size will not reduce this error). Central Limit Theorem: Sampling distribution of mean of random sample from any population is approximately normal for sufficiently large sample size. The larger the sample size, the more closely the sampling distribution of sample mean will resemble normal distribution Chi-square test and estimator of variance Degree of FD=n-1 (n−1)s 2 χ = σ 2 Unequal variance t-test and estimator of two-population mean Z-test and interval estimator of p s 2 1 s 2 LCL = 1 , UCL = 1 F s 2 F s 2 α 2, 2,1 2 α 2,1ν 2ν 2 where ν 1 = n 1 1 and ν 2 = n 2 − 1
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