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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 2320
Indira Somwaru

Chapter 13  In order to test and estimate the difference between two population means, we draw random samples from each of two populations.  ̅ ̅ is normally distributed if the (original) population distributions are normal. ; is approximately normally distributed if the (original) population is not normal, but the samples’ size is sufficiently large (greater than 30).  An F-Test is a hypothesis test that revolves around the variance; its used to find out if the variances of 2 populations are equal or unequal.  In a Matched Pair experiment, there is a logical tie between the two data sets. We list the raw data for Group A and the Group B beside each other, and then we subtract the pair to get the Differences column (Group A – 1 = 1 …).1 We then compute the Sample Mean, Sample Standard Deviation, and Sample N using the differences column.  An unbiased estimator of p –1p is2pˆ − 1ˆ (t2e difference between the sample proportions). Chapter 16  The problem objective is to analyze the relationship between interval variables; regression analysis is the first tool we will study.  Regression analysis is used to predict the value of one variable (the dependent variable) on the basis of other variables (the independent variables). Dependent variable: denoted Y. Independent variables: denoted X 1 X2….Xk  If we are interested only in determining whether a relationship exists, we employ correlation analysis.  Simple Linear Regression examines the relationship between two variables. Mathematical equations describing these relationships are also called models, and they fall into two types: deterministic or probabilistic.  Probabilistic Model: a method used to capture the randomness that is part of a real-life process.  To create a probabilistic model, we start with a deterministic model that approximates the relationship we want to model and add a random term that
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