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Chapter 12 Practice MCQ for final exam.doc

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2320
Marwan Hassan

MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONSIn the following multiplechoice questions please circle the correct answer1In selecting the sample size to estimate the population proportion p if we have no knowledge of even the approximate values of the sample proportion p we patake another sample and estimate pbtake two more samples and find the average of their pclet050pdlet095 ANSWERc2Under which of the following circumstances is it impossible to construct a confidence interval for the population meanaA nonnormal population with a large sample and an unknown population variancebA normal population with a large sample and a known population variancecNonnormal population with a small sample and an unknown population variancedA normal population with a small sample and an unknown population varianceANSWERc3The use of the standard normal distribution for constructing confidence interval estimate for the population proportion p requirespnppn1a andare both greater than 5 where denotes the sample proportionbnp and n1p are both greater than 5ppcnp and np are both greater than 5dthat the sample size is greater than 5ANSWERa4The lower limit of a confidence interval at the 95 level of confidence for the population proportion if a sample of size 200 had 40 successes isa02554b01446c02465d01535ANSWERb5Assuming that all necessary conditions are met what needs to be changed in the formulanpptp1a199200 Chapter Twelveso that we can use it to construct a confidence interval estimate for the population proportionppaThe should be replaced by ptzbTheshould be replaced by aattcTheshould be replaced by a2atzdTheshould be replaced by a2aANSWERd6Suppose that a onetail t test is being applied to find out if the population mean is less than 100The level of significance is 005 and 25 observations were sampledThe rejection region isat1708bt1711ct1318dt1316ANSWERb7A random sample of size n has been selected from a normally distributed spopulation whose standard deviation is In hypothesis testing for the population mean the t test should be used instead of the z test ifsan30 andis unknownsbn30 andis unknownscn30 andis knowndboth a and cANSWERd8As its degrees of freedom increase the chisquared distribution approaches the shape of theaStudent t distributionbnormal distributioncexponential distributiondPoisson distributionANSWERb9In testing the hypotheses200mH0200mH1the sample mean is found to be 120The null hypothesisashould be rejectedbshould not be rejectedcshould be rejected only if n30 dnone of the above answers is correctANSWERd10In testing the hypotheses040Hp0040Hp 1
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