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ADMS 2320
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~ ANOVA A pharmaceutical manufacturer has been researching new formulas to provide quicker relief of minor pains. His laboratories have produced three different formulas, which he wanted to test. Fifteen people who complained of minor pains were recruited for an experiment. Five were given formula 1, five were given formula 2, and the last five were given formula 3. Each was asked to take the medicine and report the length of time until some relief was felt. The results are shown below. Do these data provide sufficient evidence to indicate that differences in the time of relief exist among the three formulas? Use = 0.05. Time in Minutes Until Relief is Felt Formula 1 Formula 2 Formula 3 4 2 6 8 5 7 6 3 7 9 7 8 8 1 6 A manager wishes to determine whether the mean times required to complete a certain task differ for the three levels of employee training. He randomly selected 10 employees with each of the three levels of training (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced). Do the data provide sufficient evidence to indicate that the mean times required to complete a certain task differ for at lea
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