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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2320
Hernan Humana

Descriptive Statistics are methods of organizing summarizing and presenting data in a convenient andChapter 6 c informative way These methods include Graphical Techniques and Numerical TechniquesComplement Rule PA1PAInferential Statistics is set of methods used to draw conclusions or inferences about characteristics of BandAP BandAPConditional Probability or populations based on data from a sample BAP ABP BP APStatistical Inference is the process of making an estimate prediction or decision about a population based on a sample Conclusions and estimates are not always going to be correct so we build intoMultiplication Rule PA and BPABPB or PA and BPBAPA statistical inference a measure of reliability the confidence level and the significance levelMultiplication Rule for Independent Events PA and BPAPBConfidence Level 1 is the proportion of times that an estimating procedure will be correctAddition Rule PA or BPAPBPA and BSignificance Levelmeasures how frequently the conclusion will be wrong in the long runAddition Rule for Mutually Exclusive Events P A or BPAPB c cEg the poll is considered accurate within 34 percentage points 19 times out of 20 Our ConfidentialPABPA BPB PAB PAB 1 level is 95 1920 095 while our significance level is 5Marginal Probabilities are computed by adding across rows and down columnsThere are three types of data Interval Nominal and Ordinal data B B PA 12iDataNot CategoricalIntervalreal number all calculation treated as ordinal or nominal A
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