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ADMS 2320
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Arithmetic Mean Chapter 10Sample Population A point estimator draws inferences about a population by estimating the value of an unknown parameter using a single value or point MeanAn unbiased estimator of a parameter is an estimator whose expected value is equal to that parameterGeometric Mean An unbiased estimator is said to be consistent if the difference between the estimator and the parameter n1111RRRR21nggrows smaller as the sample size grows largerUsing the formula for compound interest with the If there are two unbiased estimators of a parameter the one whose variance is smaller is said to be rate0relatively efficientValue at the end of the investment period Confidence intervalsa2 for CI always Error of estimationB test statistic Finding sample size10001Rg2100010 21000RangeLargest observationSmallest observationVarianceSample PopulationSHORTCUTMean of the MeansStandard Deviation Sample PopulationEmpirical Rule Bell Shape 68 of all observations fall within one SD of the mean Populatio
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