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Shawin Roberts 2113518631 of 14CASE 1Question 1 TypeTypeTotal1 Action542Horror143Romance194Family175Comedy16Grand Total120Based on a sample size of 120 motion pictures Movies Action movies were the most viewed The results of the sample size are reinforced by the mode which is 1 In this case 1action movies This is the early indications of the type of movie that has lead to the motion picture industry successShawin Roberts 2113518632 of 14Total GrossTotal GrossmillionsTotal05092501001910015011502001200250425030013504002Grand Total120Mean3593Range38354Standard Deviation6872 The total grossMillions data is positively skewed Although the range of this graph is 38354 Million it is evident that the majority of motion pictures gross anywhere between 050 million dollars The mean sample total gross is 3593 million Therefore on average movies gross a total of 3593 million dollars The rest of the movies can be found within 6872 millionof the mean Very few movies manage to surpass the 100 million dollar mark
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