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ADMS 2400 OB - Dmitri’s Baked Goods case analysis for Midterm

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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 2400
Joanne Gray

Dmitri’s Baked Goods Tall organization- many levels relative to its size Flat organization- few levels relative size – Dmitri’s Baked goods (managing issues) Centralized – power by one person Perception  Stereotyping: generalize about people in social category. Dimitri, in a very non-offensive way has hired only Macedonian employees.  Contrast effect: comparison of many aspects. Dimitri compares how his business will be in the future and compares the difference in order to make the big step towards opening new locations. For example, whether or not his children will join the business or not  Value diversity: hiring diverse workers in terms of race. Dimitri is considering expanding into other areas and increasing different ethnic employees to join the company. This yields strategic and corporate advantage because new ethnicities can introduce their communities to the company’s products.  Consistency cue: Something that happens regularly. A high turnover and absenteeism because of the lack of motivation at the assembly line. This increases costs because high turnover rate means more often the company is forced to hire and train new employees.  Situational attributions: environmental causes responsible for behavior. The assembly line is often boring to work at because its repetitive. The boring environment causes people to show up late, or not show up at all. This can lead to issues if many assembly line employees decide to be absent on a busy day, and production will be backed up Behavioral  Task performance: employee behaviors that transform resources into goods, in a positive manor. The employees, as a result o
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