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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2400
Indira Somwaru

Trust Justice EthicsTrust the willingness to be vulnerable to an authority based on positive expectations about their intentions3 types of trusta Cognition based trust Cognition based trust is a kind of trust that is based on fact past experience as well as the track record of the individual in question It is based on what we know of the authoritys track recordb Disposition based trust Disposition based trust has less to do with the authority in power and more to do with the person who is deciding whether or not to trust the authority in power It depends on your personality childhood adult experience culture etcc Affect based trustAffect based trust is based on feelings or emotions Affect based trust has more to do with the feelings or emotions that an individual has towards the authority in powerEthics the degree to which the behaviour of an authority are in accordance with societys norms Ethics are made up of values beliefs norms that govern behaviours in a society or organization4 Ethical frameworksa Relativism It is the concept that points of view have no absolute truth or validity having only relative subjective value according to differences in perception and considerationb Social contract the agreement among individuals by which society organ
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