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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 2400
Jean Varghese

Ch 10 Culture shared values beliefs assumptions to thinkact in organizationABVA above artifact volcano Artifact culture you see hear feel language rituals symbols Belief relating objectsideas together employ month president of company pic Value stable long lasting beliefs about whats important Assumption taken for granted of how something should be 7 factors of culture 1Innovationrisk taking employ encourage to be innovrisk taker 2Attention to deal employ expect to exhibit precision analysis accountantdctor 3Outcome orientation mgmt focus on results rather than technique 4People orientation mgmt decisions take effect of outcomes on ppl in organ 5Team orientation organized around teams not individuals 6Aggressiveness ppl aggressivecompetitor rather than easy going 7Stability maintaining status quo to grow Social Glue holds organ together system stability employ standards barrier to changeglow keeps stuck Dominant Culture core values shared by organ members mktgfinance share same problem Subcultures mini cultures in organ department designationgeographical Rituals expressreinforce key values of organization Form Organization 1organ founder2select criteria hire ppl who fit in culture 3top mgmtsocialization adapts new employees4organization culture Socialization Model 1Prearrival before new employ joins2Encounter employ see what organ like3Metamorphosis change normsvalues4ProductivityCommitmentTurnover Barrier to change undergo change glow gets us stuck Barrier to Diversity hiring new employ of racegender
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