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Organization Behavior Midterm Notes

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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 2400
Louis Pike

Organization Behavior is the field of study devoted to understanding, explaining and ultimately improving the attitudes and behaviors of individuals and groups in organizations. Perception is the process of interpreting ones environment. Social perception is how we percieve and make sense of ourselves and others; it is also referred to as social cognition Stereotyping 4 step process 1. categorizing people into groups 2. infer all who fit in the category have the same traits 3. form expectations and interpret behaviour 4. maintained through over estimating frequency; incorrectly explaining behaviors; seeing others as different than oneself Fundamental Attribution Bias is one’s tendency to attribute another person’s behaviour to his or her personal characteristics, as opposed to situational factors Self-Serving Bias is one’s tendency to take more personal responsibility for one’s success than for one’s failure What is Job performance  Task performance (routine or adaptive) - transforming resources into products or services  citizenship behavior - voluntarily improving the work environment (interpersonally or organizationally)  counterproductive behavior -intentionally undermining goal achievement (interpersonally or organizationally) Withdrawal behavior  Psychological (day dreaming, socializing etc)  physical (missing meetings, tardiness etc) Absolute Performance Measure is when an employer compares an employee's performance to a performance standard. (behaviors(Behaviorally anchored ratings scale =bars), traits, and results) 360 degree feedback Barriers to communication  Sender Barrier - no message gets sent  Encoding barrier - the message is not expressed correctly  Medium barrier - the communication chan
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