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StudentNumberYORK UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF LIBRAL ARTS AND PROFESSIONAL STUDIESDEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICSAPECON 250003 SECTION A Introductory Statistics for Economists IMIDTERM Solutions thINSTRUCTOR Monday May 26 2014 Gordana Colby 1 HOUR 15 MINUTES 600PM715PMLOCATION LAS CNAMELAST NAME FIRST NAME STUDENT NUMBERSIGNATUREINSTRUCTIONS1 Make sure to print your NAME STUDENT NUMBER and SIGN the sheet above Write your student number at the top right of each page 2 You have 1 HOUR and 15 MINUTES to complete the exam 3 Read the examination questions VERY CAREFULLY 4 Answer ALL questions in the space provided on the examFor MULTIPLE CHOICE questions please circle the correct answer on the exam sheet AND transfer the answer to the scantron sheets provided 5 SHOW ALL YOUR WORK for the SHORT ANSWERS QUESTIONSNo marks will be given for unsubstantiated answers 6 The examination consists of eighteen 18 pagesPlease ensure you have a complete examination 7 The examination is out of 72 marks 1 StudentNumberQuestion 1 2 Marks Which of the following statements is FALSEA The distribution of a categorical variable lists the categories and gives the counts or the percent of individuals in each category B A bar chart is a useful graphical tool for describing the shape of the distribution of a categorical variable C A stemplot is particularly valuable for displaying the shape of the distribution of a categorical variable when there are few observations D A histogram shows the distribution of counts or percents among the values of a single quantitative variable E Bar graphs unlike histograms have blank spaces between the bars to separate the items being comparedQuestion 2 2 Marks The median age of five people in a meeting is 30 yearsOne of the people whose age is 50 years leaves the roomWhat is the median age of the remaining four people in the roomA 40 yearsB 30 yearsC 25 yearsD This cannot be determined from the information givenQuestion 3 2 Marks The temperature at any random location in a kiln used for manufacturing bricks is Normally distributed with a mean of 1000F and a standard deviation of 50FWhen glazed bricks are put in the oven if the temperature is below 900F they will discolorIf the bricks are placed randomly throughout the kiln what percentage of glazed bricks will discolorA 062B 228C 4772D 4938 2
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