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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2510

AP/ADMS 2511 - Management Information Systems – Practice Midterm Covering Sessions 1 to 6 This practice exam is structured to take two and a half hours (150 minutes). Since it is worth 45 marks, you would allocate 3.3 minutes for each mark. Review our study tips before doing the practice examination. Do the questions on your own before looking at the answer guide. Note that during the exam, the exam will be handed out one question at a time. Question 1 (22 marks – 73 minutes) Shopify ( was started by a single entrepreneur in Ottawa. It has created software that is used to establish digital storefronts. Started in 2005, Shopify now has over 300 employees that provide a means for independent retail stores to have a low-cost retail presence. Shopify is a company that creates and hosts online stores for its customers. As of February 2013, Shopify had over 40,000 clients in 90 countries around the world. Shopify charges a monthly fee that starts as low as $14 for what they call a basic “starter” storefront. Companies can then move to $29 per month for up to 100 products posted on the site, to $179 per month for unlimited service. An example of a potential Shopify client is Friggle Furniture (FF), a store in Toronto that sells futons (couches that convert into beds). FF used the $29 per month Shopify platform to create its electronic storefront. On the electronic storefront, FF has posted about 30 examples of its futons. FF also assembles futons based upon parts purchased from a variety of sources. It sells these futons to other stores in Canada, using both its web site and a sales force of three people who travel to large retail furniture stores across the country. All fouton kits that cost over $500 are equipped with RFID (radio frequency identification) tags. Required: A. What is business process management? (1 mark, 3 minutes) B. Why could business process management be important to a development and hosting company like Shopify that has 300 employees? (2 marks, 7 minutes) C. Provide three (3) examples of IT (information technology) infrastructure components that could be present at the above companies. For each component, provide an example that could pertain to either Shopify or Friggle Furniture. (3 marks, 10 minutes) Use the following table to record your answer. Provide three examples of IT infrastructure For each component, provide an example components (1/2 mark each) that could pertain to either Shopify or Friggle Furniture (1/2 mark each) 1 D. FF employees use wireless devices to record sales and manage inventory. Describe the three types of short-range wireless network technology listed below and explain how BAS’s customers could use them. (6 marks, 22 minutes) Use the following table to record your answer. Describe the following type of short- Explain how BAS’s customers could range wireless network technology use them listed below Short-range wireless network technology: Medium-range wireless network technology: Long-range wireless network technology: E. For each of the following concepts, define the concept and provide an example of each for a store like Friggle Furniture (FF). (3 marks, 10 minutes) Use the following table to record your answer. Define the following concept (1/2 mark) Provide an example for FF (1/2 mark) Data Information Knowledge F. For each of the following wireline communications channels provide an advantage of its use to either Shopify or to its customers such as Friggle Furniture. (3 marks, 10 minutes) F.1 Fibre-optic cable F.2 Co-axial cable F.3 Twi
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