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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 2511
Hila Cohen

AK/ADMS 2511 Practice Final Examination – Page 1 YORK UNIVERSITY School of Administrative Studies AK/ADMS 2511 - Management Information Systems PRACTICE FINAL EXAMINATION Question Marks Time Available (Minutes) 1 16 38 minutes 2 26 63 minutes 3 23 55 minutes Question 1 (16 marks) Fast To Deliver Florists (FTD) provides a service that allows customers to send fresh floral arrangements anywhere throughout the USA and Canada. FTD’s business partners, hundreds of independent flower shops, supply and deliver the flowers. When a customer calls FTD’s 1-800 phone number, he/she provides the necessary information (such as type of arrangement, delivery details and customer billing information) to a customer service representative, who keys the information into a sales order database. Participating flower shops must lease, from FTD, a personal computer which is pre-loaded with FTD’s proprietary application software, a modem and a printer capable of printing multi-layered invoices. The flower shops need to connect to FTD’s system several times a day to view “open” sales orders for their delivery area. Once a flower shop selects an order, it is removed from FTD’s open file, and the flower shop takes responsibility for filling the order, billing the customer and remitting commissions to FTD monthly. The commission paid to florists by FTD ranges from $5 to $50 per order depending on the value of the order and the distance of the customer from the florist. FTD wants to develop a website for use by customers and participating flower shops. The web site will feature pictures of arrangements and corresponding prices that will enable customers to place their own orders using a simple drop-down menu feature. Customers will pay online, by credit card, directly to FTD. Ordering by telephone will AK/ADMS 2511 Practice Final Examination – Page 2 still be available to customers, but participating flower shops will only be able to view and select orders by entering a secure page on the website. FTD will remit the customer payments, less its commission, to the flower shops. Updated software will be provided to the flower shops by FTD. Required: (A) Describe five organizational and/or technological issues that FTD will need to deal with in implementing the website solution. (5 marks) (B) Describe the benefits and difficulties that the new website will create for the customer, FTD and the flower shops. (5 marks) (C) A flower shop owner has many different types of roles throughout the day when conducting his work. List and describe the three basic roles of managers (described by Mintzberg). For each of the three basic roles, describe an example of how the flower shop owner would perform these roles with his or her employees. (6 marks) Question 2 (26 marks) A fire broke out in the office tower of Place Alexis Nihon, Montreal, across from the Forum. The building had stores and restaurants on the main level and a subway platform below. The fire department condemned the building and tenants were unable to retrieve anyt
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