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ADMS 2511
Donna Rex

AK/ADMS 2511 - Management Information Systems – Practice Midterm Covering Sessions 1 to 5 (Units 1 to 5 in the Internet Section) This practice exam is structured to take two and a half hours. Since it is worth 75 marks, you would allocate two minutes for each mark. Question 1 - Multiple Choice Questions (35 marks – 70 minutes) [Note that the real midterm will be handed out to you in parts.] For best results, answer these questions before checking the solutions. For the actual midterm examination, we will be using scantron sheets, so be sure to bring a pencil and an eraser. (Q1) Which of the following is an example of a data item? A. an invoice B. a student’s name C. a sales analysis report D. a forecast (Q2) Your company has recently decided to replace computer equipment and change the way its personnel in the field use their hardware. You have been asked to change the high-level document that shows the information assets in the corporation. You are updating the: A. strategic plan for the business B. information technology infrastructure description C. information technology architecture document D. information systems operational systems description (Q3) BestPharm sells hardware and customized software to pharmacies and pharmacists dealing with prescription interactions. Which of the following is a way that BestPharm might deal with technological innovation or obsolescence? A. make sure that its products are easy to use and use straight-forward language B. have customers buy their hardware direct from hardware suppliers C. be proactive and explain why its products are as good as competitors D. always have current information about the interaction database available (Q4) Which of the following best describes Friedman’s third flattener, development of work flow software? A. availability of user friendly internet browser software to the public B. ability to upload content to the internet using open-source software C. having another company perform internal functions for your company D. enabling computer applications to interoperate without human intervention (Q5) How do strategic systems provide for an effective organizational response to business pressures? Such systems A. increase market share or profits, or prevent competitors from entering their markets B. decrease market share or profits, or prevent competitors from entering their markets C. result in the organization dealing with customers at the transaction level D. provide reports of accounts payable or other systems that aid in the decision making process (Q6) A financial analyst is an example of: A. a knowledge worker B. a clerical worker C. an operational manager D. a middle manager (Q7) Which of the following employee groups would make use of business intelligence (BI) software? A. knowledge workers B. executives C. clerical staff D. lower-level or operational managers 1 (Q8) Which of the following is a DSS (decision support system) characteristic? DSS A. rely on existing corporate data and data flow B. are relatively inflexible C. support the use of simulations D. have little analytical capability (Q9) Procedures are an important component of computer-based information systems. In this context, procedures are: A. written, formal procedures telling employees what to do during their time at the company B. the instructions used by computer programs to execute programs and create the desired screen displays and output C. all instructions used to establish and maintain computer based systems so that they are always available D. instructions about how to combine hardware, software, databases and networks in order to process and output information (Q10) Programs could be used by the human resources department to screen job applicants and to monitor employee turnover. Such programs would be called: A. enterprise resource planning systems B. decision support systems C. office automation programs D. application programs (Q11) Using the framework for ethical issues, what type of issue does the following question pertain to: “Who owns the data a company collects about its customers”? A. privacy B. property C. accuracy D. accessibility (Q12) Principles used by the computer security profession to regulate itself and to guide decision making are called: A. a code of ethics B. professional responsibility C. professional standards D. a privacy policy (Q13) PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) requires that organizations: A. ensure that physical assets are protected from theft B. individuals be prevented from accessing the information that they submit C. establish both a privacy policy and procedures to ensure that the policy is adhered to D. prevent all of their employees from accessing customer information (Q14) What kind of a network is a virtual private network? A. avoids the use of the internet, using dedicated lines B. virtually impenetrable due to the type of cabling used C. temporary because the organizational connection exists only during transmission D. open only to users who belong to the network (Q15) Actions to protect your credit cards and debit cards should be taken in the context of: A. the number of cards that you have B. the frequency with which you surf the internet C. how often you change your PIN (personal identification number) D. your financial exposure (Q16) If you are the victim of identify theft, one of the actions that you should take is: A. shred all of your mail B. file a detailed police report C. shred all of your credit card statements D. contact new credit card companies and get new credit cards 2 (Q17) The decimal number 7 requires: A. one bit of storage B. one byte of storage C. two bits of storage D. four bytes of storage (Q18) Which of the following uses a series of logically related two-dimensional tables or files to store information in the form of a database? A. relational database B. data warehouse C. sequential file D. expert system (Q19) Relational databases can be slow if the tables created have too many data elements. Which technique will help speed up data processing by streamlining the tables in a elational database? A. normalization B. structured queries C. object-oriented programming D. query by example (Q20) When contrasting functionally based systems to database management systems, which one of the following is an advantage of functional or traditional systems? A. data redundancy B. lack of data sharing and availability C. simplicity of operation D. inadequate data security (Q21) A logical record contains several fields of related data elements that pertain to an event or an entity. What is a characteristic of the primary key field? It contains A. the disk address of the record B. the password that allows access to the record C. the data dictionary item number D. s unique identifier of the event or entity (Q22) One of the purposes of an extranet is to A. connect parts of the intranets of different organizations B. provide public access to organizational data C. place data packets inside another packet for secure communications D. provide a cumulative store of subjective knowledge (Q23) Darknets are private networks on the internet that can help enable freedom of speech in countries where censorship exists. A feature of a darknet is that it: A. avoids the use of the internet, using dedicated lines B. is virtually impenetrable due to the type of cabling used C. is temporary because the organizational connection exists only during transmission D. is open only to users who belong to the network (Q24) An internal system for only one organization, often using World Wide Web standards best describes a(n): A. local area network B. value added network C. wide area network D. intranet (Q25) A person’s name is an example of a: A. record B. database
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