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AP/ADMS 2511 - Management Information Systems – Practice Midterm Covering Sessions 1 to 4 and 6 to 8 inclusive (Units 1 to 7 in the Internet Section) This practice exam is structured to take two and a half hours. Since it is worth 75 marks, you would allocate two minutes for each mark. 15 marks of the multiple choice questions are from Sessions 1 to 4 (representing 20% of the total grade of the exam). The remainder of the exam is from Sessions 6 to 8. Question 1 (13 marks) Westwood Couture is an international designer lable that has been in business for over 100 years. Westwood Couture sells high end luxury brands of clothing, leather goods, accessories, watches and designer prescription glasses and sunglasses. The company has flagship stores in all major retail markets including New York’s Fifth Avenue, London’s Bond Street and Toronto’s Yorkdale District. The aging Chief Executive officer (CEO) at Westwood Couture has never been a fan of the Internet and has remained defiant over the years that having an online presence with an e-commerce website where customers can browse products and shop online would diminish the brand’s image and devalue the exclusiveness of its products. Instead, the company has preferred to retail through its own designer stores and through partnerships with major high- end retailers. In the last year, Westwood Couture has been facing a fall in both its sales and awareness of its brand among younger buyers who prefer to shop online. The CEO has relented and agreed to look into an e-commerce strategy that includes a shopping website. Required: A) You have been asked to prepare a report outlining the ethical and legal issues that Westwood Couture would face if it decides to move to an (online) e-business presence. Describe three ethical and/or legal issues arising from the nature of e-business that Westwood Couture would need to consider. For each issue, provide a recommendation as to how Westwood Couture could address this issue. (6 Marks) Description of THREE ethical and/or legal Recommend how Westwood could address issues arising from the nature of e-business this issue B) What is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology? (1 mark) C) List and describe two (2) ways that Westwood Couture could make use of RFID in its retail operations. (2 marks) Question 1 (Continued) D) Westwood Couture decided to hire a computer programmer to develop the e-commerce website. The site will be used to allow customers to browse products, search for information and purchase products. For the following programming languages, describe the language and provide an example of how the programmer could make use of it during the development of the company website. (4 marks) Description of the programming language Example of how the language can be used to build Westwood’s website Hypertext markup language (HTML) Extensible markup language (XML) Question 2 (12 marks) You are the new Information Systems Manager for Hampstead’s, a fortune 500 company. Hampstead’s is a multinational wholesaler and retailer of building products and building solutions. It has two million customers and approximately 300 stores which are stocked with more than 40,000 items. All of this business generates billions of customer sales transaction records per year. The amount of data and processing power is so great that Hampstead’s operation runs on some 500 servers. Surprisingly, Hampstead’s still operates with a patchwork of organizational information systems – some are software packages from various vendors and some are in-house developed systems. Required: A) For each of the following types of organizational information systems, explain the function of the system and provide a specific example of how Hampsteads might be using the organizational system. (4 marks) Explain the function of each organizational Specific example of how GCC would use information system (noted below) the organizational information system Real-Time Transaction processing system Functional area information system B) The Hampstead president has asked you to prepare a brief outline of a presentation you will make to the senior company managers to convince them that it is time to implement a comprehensive ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. State three advantages of an ERP system to Hampstead. (3 Marks) C) State two disadvantages of an ERP system to Hampstead. (2 Marks) D) Explain how each of the following technologies could be used by an organization such as Hampstead to provide computing resources. (3 marks) Technology How it could be used by Hampstead Grid Computing Utility Computing Edge Computing Questions 3 and 4 - Multiple Choice Questions (50 marks – 100 minutes) 1. Jones Company pays its large suppliers using e-commerce (bank transfers), and pays its smaller suppliers by cheque. All payments are based upon supplier invoices that have been matched to purchase orders and receiving documents proving that goods have been received. Which of the following is an example of a data item that pertains to the accounts payable process? a. Unreceived orders b. Cheques due for payment c. Purchase order number d. List of outstanding invoices 2. Something that consists of the physical facilities, IT (information technology) components, IT services, and IT personnel that support the entire organization is called a(n): a. Information systems strategy b. Information technology infrastructure c. Information technology architecture d. Supply chain process for globalization 3. The fourth flattener described by Friedman led to a shift from a static, passive approach to media, to an active, participatory approach. What was this flattener? a. Uploading b. Offshoring c. Outsourcing d. Work-flow software 4. Which of the following would be included in a privacy policy guideline to help ensure accuracy of private information? a. Data should be collected for a valid business purpose only b. Sensitive data should be verified before it is entered into a database c. Data can be gathered only if individuals have provided explicit or implicit consent d. Collected data may not be sold to marketing organizations 5. In the context of business continuity planning, a cold site: a. Is a fully configured and functional computer facility b. Requires communications systems to become fully functional c. Is kept at lower than normal temperatures to facilitate effective computing d. Provides only rudimentary services and facilities 6. Which of the following questions could be used in a framework for ethical issues addressing property issues? a. What information does an organization have a right or privilege to obtain? b. What kind of surveillance can an employer use on its employees? c. Who will be provided with the equipment needed for accessing information? d. Under what circumstances can an employee use the company’s databases? 7. A personal disaster preparation strategy for your important electronic information is to a. Regularly update your anti-spam software b. Ensure that your anti-virus software is current c. Maintain a current backup of your information d. Use a wireless local area network 8. Joe wants to look at one particular data record, belonging to the XYZ Company, a supplier of his. Joe wants to look at a(n): a. Attribute b. Instance c. Entity Class d. Data model 9. If you did not have a standard report available to you, but needed to extract data from a database, what would you use? a. Normalization b. Structured query language (SQL) c. Data dictionary elements d. Relational database grids 10. ABC Company is growing larger and gaining more and more customers. It now has 8,500 customers and will soon exceed 10,000 customers. The problem is that the customer number field has a maximum of four characters. What would be the most appropriate way for ABC Company to change the size of its customer numbers from four to five characters? It should change the size using the a. Normalization process b. Structured Query Language (SQL) c. Data Dictionary d. Query by Example (QBE) 11. Furniture Company has an application software package that allows for transmission of data between modules. There are separate data entry modules for marketing, sales, payroll and general ledger. Periodically, to ensure consistency, printouts of the customer files from the marketing module are compared to the sales module. The file comparison is necessary because of: a. Data independence b. Likely programming errors c. Improved information accessibility d. Data redundancy 12. What media is part of a podcast? a. Text and images b. Digital audio c. Graphics only d. Moving images (video) 13. An organization with extensive central computing capacity would implement the client/server model with fat clients so that a. The company saves money, spending less on the client systems b. Digital data communications methods can be used among clients c. Clients can still run local programs if central computing is not available d. Peer-to-peer processing can be implemented 14. Fran is an avid plant collector. She posts pictures of her plants and then creates a marvelous web site by adding links or pop-ups to other sites that have material about the plant (such as how to grow it, what it is good for, or where to buy seeds). Fran has created a(n): a. wiki b. really simple syndication (RSS) c. a
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