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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 2511
Cristobal Sanchez- Rodriguez

AP/ADMS 2511 – Management Information Systems – Practice Final Exam THREE HOURS IN LENGTH Question Marks Time Available (Minutes) 1 30 72 2 30 72 3 10 24 4 5 12 Totals: 75 180 (three hours) Question 1 (30 marks – 72 minutes) BLOSS is a retailer of jeans and casual clothing. It operates over 180 retail and factory stores in Canada, over 1,000 in-store shops in other retailers, and sells merchandise in over 70 countries worldwide. In order to support its operating activities BLOSS implemented an information system for its suppliers and independent retailers in Canada and 230 other countries called Apparel Buying Network. The company can use the Apparel Buying Network to purchase direct items such as trim, fabric, and finished goods and indirect items such as office and maintenance supplies. Store buyers can order merchandise directly from BLOSS by entering their purchases on a private web site called, which is integrated with the firm’s core order processing system. BLOSS maintains a public web site for retail customers called, which offers product catalogues and merchandise ordering on-line. This e-commerce site generates as many sales as one of the BLOSS flagship stores. BLOSS established and as e-commerce sites for retailing infants’ and children’s clothing and accessories. BLOSS is also using Internet technology to streamline its internal business processes. BLOSSExpress is an internal private network based on internet technology that is used for purchasing from suppliers, reviewing architectural plans for new stores, making travel arrangements, and broadcasting messages to managers about operating instructions and company and industry trends. Required: A) Describe analytical CRM and explain how BLOSS could use it. (3 marks) B) What is Mobile CRM? Explain how BLOSS could use mobile CRM. (2 marks) C) Both BLOSS and its suppliers using the Apparel Buying Network used EDI (electronic data interchange). What is EDI and what are the advantages and disadvantages to BLOSS of using EDI? (10 marks) D) BLOSS is looking at implementing an integrated system to replace its head office purchase order processing systems. List and describe the phases of the systems development life cycle process. For each phase, describe how users or management could be involved in the process. (15 marks) Question 2 (30 marks – 72 minutes) GrameenPhone is using the Internet to help to bridge the digital divide in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has over 150 million people but there are relatively few land-line telephones. Cell phone use is exploding, with more than 16 million cell phone subscribers as of 2007. People use cell phones to hook up to the Internet, gain access to services such as e-mail, weather reports, and health information. GrameenPhone established cell phone access centres where individuals without telephones could access the Internet using cell telephones for a fee. GrameenPhone is partly owned by Grameen Bank. These cell phone centres have provided access to information and data communications in villages where such access previously was not possible. As a result, villagers in remote areas are now able to make use of the Internet to boost their local economies. For example, farmers in
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