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York University
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ADMS 2511
Cristobal Sanchez- Rodriguez

AP/ADMS 2511 -- Management Information Systems -- Practice Midterm Exam Covering Sessions 1 to 5 (Units 1 to 4 in the Internet Section) Answer Guide Note that this is an answer guide. It does not include all possible answers to all questions. If you are uncertain about your potential answer, please consult your course director. Question 1 (Memory Stick) A) Discuss two ethical issues raised in the article related to the missing data. (2 marks) [Note: One mark for each valid point raised, maximum one mark per issue.] 1. Privacy Issues What information about individuals should be kept in databases (or other storage devices), and how secure is the information there? This issue is relevant as it was not addressed by UWO. Storing data on a memory stick was not a secure method to store personal and medical data. Were portable devices subject to security, such as password protection, back up and encryption? 2. Accuracy Issues • Who is responsible for the authenticity, integrity, and accuracy of the information collected? There are a number of entities involved that are responsible – UWO, Hearing Program and Middlesex London Health Unit. This makes allocation of responsibility more complex. • Who is to be held accountable for errors in information, and how should the injured parties be compensated? Due to the different entities involved, holding one entity accountable for ensuring that the data was adequately protected and secured will be difficult. There is no information as to whether the data was misused or used to perpetrate identity theft. If there is some loss to the patients, there is the issue of who will be accountable for compensation. 3. Accessibility Issues • Who is allowed to access information? As the data was on a memory stick when it went missing, accessibility is an issue as a 1 portable device makes access to data much easier. If many people were permitted to access, use and store the data, the risk of loss was higher. Text ref: Section 3.1 Ethical Issues Note: property issues were not relevant to the missing data B) Describe three types of controls that could have been used to prevent this security breach. For each type of control, provide a specific example of how it could have been used in this case. (6 marks) [Note: One mark for each valid point raised, maximum one mark each box.] Describe the type of IS control Specific example of how the control could have been used to prevent the security breach 1. Encryption This control prevents the data from being accessed if the memory stick is lost or stolen. The process of converting an original message into a form that cannot be read by Without the encryption key, the data cannot be anyone except the intended receiver. read. 2. Policies and procedures over use of portable If employees are made aware of their devices responsibilities to protect data and are trained, Apolicy that bans storing confidential data they will be more likely to use secure media to on a memory stick store and transport confidential data. Confidentiality policies that require staff to protect data UWO could outright ban the use of memory sticks for storing data. 3. Strong passwords or passphrases to require Without the password, the data is inaccessible access to information on the memory stick. and thus cannot be read, copied or used. Text ref: Section 3.3 Protecting Information Resources C) Identify four behavioral actions that one could take if identity theft has occurred. (4 marks) 1. Contact agencies, such as Service Canada, local passport office, Canada Post, and banks to cancel all affected credit cards and obtain new credit card numbers. 2. File a detailed police report. Send copies of the report to creditors and other agencies or organizations that may require proof of the crime. 3. Report that you are the victim of identity theft to the fraud divisions of both credit reporting agencies: Equifax and TransUnion. File a long-term fraud alert. Request your free annual credit report from credit agencies and review for any organisations you are not aware of. 4. Get organized. Keep a file with all your paperwork, including the names, addresses, and phone numbers of everyone you contact about this crime. 4. If debt collectors demand payment of fraudulent accounts, write down the name of the company as well as the collector's name, address, and phone number. Tell the collector that you are the victim of identity theft. Send the collection agency a registered letter with a completed police report. 2 Text ref: Section TG3.1 BehaviouralActions 3 D) Health clinics collect a wide variety of data. Define the following terms and provide one example related to a health clinic. (6 marks) Description of the term Example that pertains to a health clinic Entity - Patient – including patient number, name, address, OHIP #, email, and personal details such as age, weight, height and Aperson, place, thing or event about which medical details. information is maintained, also known as - Insurance companies - including company record code, name, address, contract details - Specialists - including specialist name, address, phone number, fax, email, last visit date - Labs - including lab code, name, address, phone number, fax, email, last test date Attribute The patient entity might include attributes such as patients’number, name, address, age, Each characteristic or quality of a particular insurance, OHIP #, and other personal entity, in the context of data modeling information. (previously called a field) Data model The health clinic database data model would show relationships between patients and other Adiagram that represents entities in the related entities such as their physicians/ database and their relationships specialist, labs, medication and insurance. (See: Chapter 4, p. 117) End of Question 1 Question 2 (Canada Bread Company) A) Define each of the following business pressures and discuss how each could be affecting the Canada Bread Company. (4 marks) Definition of the term Specific example of how each could be affecting the Canada Bread Company Technological innovation and obsolescence These changes require businesses to keep up New and improved technologies rapidly create with IT products changes such as new or support substitutes for products, alternative operation system applications, updated service options, and superb quality.As a result, versions and equipment. The users should today's state‐of‐the‐art products may be make sure they have the updated systems to obsolete tomorrow. support their activities and support their 4 employees such as incorporating mobile devices and new technologies to the production process and control and TQM process. Social responsibility Canada Bread can shift to green IT addressing Efforts by organizations to solve various social environmental concerns in their manufacturing problems. process, and raise the awareness that they support the environment as advertising tool. (See Chapter 1.5) B) For the following competitive forces, define the competitive force, and provide an example of how that force could affect Canada Bread Company. (6 marks) Definition of competitive force Example that affects Canada Bread Company Bargaining power of customers – page 49 • Introduction of new product like Customers have the final say in the purchase of Organic baked goods can retain the product, they can be price sensitive; the customers. product can be unique by its features and • Introduction of a product loyalty benefits. The seller can lower the price as the program could create incentives to stay increase in volume of sales can bring down the as a customer cost price of the product. • Lower the selling price of the current product line to beat or match the competition. Threat of new competitors – page 46 • Creating a new product line like “Pop High sales and / profit by selling of products in the Oven – made fresh in 5 mins” will attract new entrants which will decrease product to attract and retain custo
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