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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2511
Cristobal Sanchez- Rodriguez

AP/ADMS 2511 – Management Information Systems – Practice Final Exam Answer guide Question 1 (BLOSS) A) Describe analytical CRM and explain how BLOSS could use it. (3 marks) Feedback: Analytical CRM, p. 273 Suggested Solution: - Analytical CRM systems analyze customer behaviour and perceptions in order to provide actionable business intelligence - Examples of how BLOSS could use analytical CRM include: [Note that other examples are possible.] • Analyzing purchase patterns of customers: for example, how many customers purchase both adult and children’s clothing at the same time? • Determining seasonal purchase patterns, for example, are more children’s clothing purchased before start of school or just before Christmas? • Comparing the types of purchases made online versus in the stores to help determine what should be advertised on the web site B) What is Mobile CRM? Explain how BLOSS could use mobile CRM. (2 marks) Feedback: Other Types of CRM, p. 275 Suggested Solution: - Mobile CRM is an interactive CRM system that enables an organization to conduct communications related to sales, marketing and customer service activities through a mobile medium - Mobile CRM is used for the purpose of building and maintaining relationships with its customers Examples of how BLOSS could use mobile CRM include: [Note that other examples are possible:] • Have a direction-finder that provides directions on the cell phone to the nearest store • Send SMS (short message service) text messages to people about BLOSS products when they are within range of a store C) Both BLOSS and its suppliers using the Apparel Buying Network used EDI (electronic data interchange). What is EDI and what are the advantages and disadvantages to BLOSS of using EDI? (10 marks) Feedback: Supply Chain Management Systems and Related Technologies, p. 293-294 1 Suggested Solution: Definition: EDI is a communication standard that enables business partners to exchange routine documents, such as purchasing orders, electronically Advantages to BLOSS: - minimizes data entry errors - messages can be shorter - messages are secured - reduces cycle time - increases productivity - enhances customer service - minimizes paper usage and storage Disadvantages to BLOSS: - high ongoing operating costs - inflexible when adapting to new suppliers or multiple standards - company may need to change business processes to fit EDI requirements - many standards increase costs D) BLOSS is looking at implementing an integrated system to replace its head office purchase order processing systems. List and describe the phases of the systems development life cycle process. For each phase, describe how users or management could be involved in the process. (15 marks) Feedback: This answer uses the six-stage system from Chapter 12, figure12.3, p. 344. See Session 12/Unit 10 for examples of user and management involvement. [Although not listed in a box, students could also talk about the identification of the Business Need. User involvement would be related to identifying and documenting the business need.] Systems development phase and Example of how users or management description could be involved in the process 1. Systems investigation: understanding the - users can help describe the problem to be business problem to be solved, the solved by the system technical options for systems, and the - management needs to decide whether or problems that are likely to occur during not to proceed with the system development. Includes feasibility study and go/no-go decision. 2. Systems analysis: the examination of the - users could explain why the application is business problem to define the business not satisfying current customer needs problem in more detail, identify its causes, - management could help identify potential specify the solution, and identify the solutions to the specific problems information requirements that the solution must satisfy. 3. Systems design: describes how the - users can list the contents of input screens 2 system will accomplish the task. Includes or of output reports logical system design (functionally, what - management can approve the design will it do) and physical design (technology documents before it goes to programming components). 4. Programming: translates the design into - management can approve the computer code. programming language to be used 4. Testing: check to see if the computer - users can help with the testing process by code will produce the expected and desired actually testing or reviewing test results results. - management approves the test plan and the test results before the system is implemented 5. Implementation: the process of - users enter data that will be used by the converting from the old system to the new new system system. - users can assist with training - management approves the implementation plan 6. Operation: The system is used (operates) - users enter data, use reports and otherwise as long as it meets its objectives. keep the system in operation - management assesses whether the system is meeting its objectives 7. Maintenance: Corrections or changes are - users identify errors or problems with the made to the system. system - management approves changes that are made to the system Question 2 (GrameenPhone) A) For each of the following information systems, describe the information system and provide an example of how local business persons could use this type of system. (8 marks) • Office automation system • Decision support system • Supply chain management system • Electronic commerce system Feedback: Section 2.3, Table 2.2, p. 44-45 plus applied example Suggested Solution: Information system description How local business persons could use the system during the conduct of their business Office automation system: Are They are used to develop documents (word information systems which support the processing), schedule resources (MS clerical staff, lower and middle managers, schedule), communicate (email, text and knowledge workers. messaging, videoconferencing, etc.), and build spreadsheets to maintain sets of 3 numbers for analysis. Decision support system: an information Decision support systems could support system that supports knowledge workers GrameenPhone in its quest to expand its with “what-if” analysis and business markets with valuable customer buying simulations. habits and other competitive information. Supply chain management system: is an GrameenPhone could ensure that its information system that allows for the products and services can be acquired for organizations in a supply chain to manage as low a cost as possible by working more the flow of materials, information, money, closely with other companies in its supply and services from suppliers of raw material chain. The flow of information could be through from factories and warehouses to shared more closely with the other end customers. companies. Electronic commerce system: is a type of These systems can be used to conduct B2B, inter-organizational information system. B2C, and B2G business transactions. B) Describe the legislation that generally governs privacy in Canada. (1 mark) Feedback: Section 3.1, p. 75 • Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA. o applies to all businesses and other organizations, such as not for profit o states that organizations are required to establish a privacy policy and procedures to ensure that the policy is adhered to. • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act in Ontario (FIPPA. – note: not in text • Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA. o protect personal health record across the health system • Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA. – note: not in text Note: the main legislation in Canada is PIPEDA. If students can substantially describe the legislation but make errors in naming the correct Act, a mark will still be awarded. C) Why is it important for the company to have privacy policy guidelines? (3 marks) Feedback: Section 3.1, p. 74-76 • Help protect the privacy of employees or of clients • Codify requirements for employees in protecting privacy • Provide a standard set of procedures (for data collection, accuracy, confidentiality) • Help protect the company from litigation 4 • Can be used as a measurement tool if disciplinary action is required • Can be shared with employees, clients and other stakeholders to communicate how the company protects personal information • Sets management’s expectations for the protection of personal information • Can be used in the design and implementation of new systems that use, process, store or disseminate personal data D) A business computing service that provides computer services for a fee, such as a cell phone access centre, would need privacy policy guidelines for its employees. For each of the following categories of privacy policy, provide an example of what a computing centre service business might include in its privacy policy. (3 marks) Feedback: p. 75, plus tailored examples Privacy policy Provide an example of what a computing centre service business guideline category might include in its privacy policy Data Collection First of all, information collected on individuals must not be excessive and must be protected. The data centre must safeguard the data by strict security controls with physical location and computer access controls. Secondly, opt-out choices for customers must be administered by informing customers that information is being gathered about them. The customers must be allowed to stop the collection of data. Lastly, the organization must have a privacy policy and publish it on their website. Data Accuracy
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