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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2511
Cristobal Sanchez- Rodriguez

AK/ADMS 2511 - Management Information Systems – Practice Midterm#1 Questions Covering Sessions 1 to 4 Answer Guide Question 1 (Greenville Hospital) A. For each of the following information system types provide a definition and an example system, explaining how the example system could be used by Greenville Hospital. [Note that definitions need to contain the principle ideas associated with the system type. Some definitions require multiple concepts to obtain full marks. Normally, part marks (such as ½ marks) are NOT awarded. ] TPS – Transaction Processing System Definition: (1 mark) (text, page 42) Transaction Processing Systems: support the monitoring, collection, storage, and processing of data from the organization’s basic business transactions, each of which generates data. (1 mark – example loosely tied to Greenville hospital – three possible examples shown) - billing system to bill patients (produce invoices or send invoices to provincial healthcare system) - payroll system to pay employees (calculate pay and issue cheques) - accounts payable to pay suppliers (issue cheques for goods purchased) DSS – Decision Support System Definition: (1 mark) (text, page 45) Decision Support Systems: Provides access to data and analysis tools, such as “what if” analysis and simulations. (1 mark – example loosely tied to Greenville hospital – two possible examples shown) - analysis of costing alternatives for developing a new wing/building, considering various interest rates - looking at alternative suppliers costs to decide who should replace the beds (hospital materials) 1 B) Following is an extract of information from Greenville Hospital’s payroll database. Employee Employee name Wage rate per Regular hours Overtime hours number hour worked worked 54624 Amalie Smith 10.00 40 5 54968 Harrison Chan 15.00 40 0 69002 Cindy Flaherty 14.00 40 6 To document the data model for payroll, describe the following three components of the data model and provide an example from the table that illustrates the characteristics of the component. (6 marks) Fill in a description of the component of Example from table illustrating the the data model (noted below) characteristics of the component Primary key an attribute/field that uniquely identifies Example: Employee Number one record in a table / one instance of an entity class Attribute [note any column would work as an example] Each characteristic or quality of a particular entity, in the context of data modeling These are all attributes that describe (previously called a field) characteristics of the employee: Employee number, Employee name, Wage rate per hour, Regular hours worked, Overtime hours worked Entity [note that any full row would work as an example] A person, place, thing, object or event about which information is maintained also Student must clearly indicate that an entire known as record row is the entity. Simply saying “employee number” or “information about employee” is insufficient. Source: Text, Ch 4, p. 117, plus applied example from chart 2 Question 2 (Chevron) A) Our textbook describes four general categories of ethical issues that are relevant to information technology (privacy, accuracy, property and accessibility). For each of these issues, describe how the issue is pertinent to information technology, and provide one example of how these issues might pertain to Chevron orTexaco. (8 marks) 1 mark maximum per box - examples could focus on controls or processes that enable Texaco to address issues that could arise with the category of the ethical issue, or could describe problems associated with the issue Fill in the description of the general Two examples of how these issues might category of ethical issue (noted below), pertain to Chevron orTexaco relevant to information technology Privacy - Texaco collecting information from their customers when it is not required. Privacy issues involve the collection, - Texaco not having appropriate security storage, and dissemination of measures in place when storing customers’ information about individuals. information and as such customers’ information may be prone to hackers. Accuracy - Texaco implementing a without testing for bugs r
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