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Quiz 1 Fall 2011

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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 2511
Anita Patel

Quiz 1 Fall 2011 Question 1 Which of the following is a stocktickerDSS (decision support system) characteristic? rely on existing data flow are relatively inflexible support the use of analysis tools have little analytical capability Question 2 Systems that apply reasoning capabilities, knowledge and expertise within a specific domain, used primarily to support knowledge workers are called: Business intelligence systems. Management information systems. Executive digital dashboards. Expert systems. Question 3 Two information systems that support the entire organization are: Enterprise resource planning systems, dashboards. Transaction processing systems, office automation systems. Enterprise resource planning systems, transaction processing systems. Expert systems, office automation systems. Question 4 If stocktickerUPS is taking Dell computers at the loading dock, and then shipping them to Dell customers, then Dell is practicing which of the following? informing insourcing offshoring outsourcing Question 5 Better Company has a unique product, equipment that can be used to make telephone calls linked to your regular telephone line, as well as being an internet appliance and a television set. Which of the following business pressures would have the greatest effect on Better Company? Social responsib
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