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Web Quiz 4 Fall 2011

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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 2511
Anita Patel

Quiz 4 Fall 2011 Question 1 One way to speed up Feedback time when using the web is to have only portions of web pages reload with fresh data instead of requiring the entire web page to reload. This development technique is called: AJAX. Virtual group. Tagging. Refreshing. Question 2 AJAX is a web development technique that: allows portions of web pages to reload with fresh data instead of reloading the entire web page. is used to describe keywords or pieces of important information to facilitate classification. enables construction of business applications using web services rather than dedicated computing equipment. permits users to select and combine almost any device, from personal computers to mobile phones. Question 3 is a Web site that combines road construction project information with Google Maps to provide a guide to drivers of traffic congestions in the Waterloo region. is an example of which kind of Web 2.0 site? Aggregators Social networks Mashups Really simple syndication Question 4 Which of the following is an advantage of computer networks? They: Enable companies to share hardware, computer applications and data across the organization and among different organizations. Require large amounts of technical support, providing a good training ground for information systems staff. Have a very large investment in hardware and software, requiring companies
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