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Web Quiz 6 Fall 2011

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2511
Anita Patel

Quiz 6 Fall 2011 Question 1 The act of locating wireless local area networks while moving around a city is called: war dialing. war driving. war hacking. war cracking. Question 2 Although rogue access devices can be installed innocently, these devices can be installed by an attacker trying to gain unauthorized access to a wireless network. In such cases, these devices are called: Unencrypted node. Evil twin. Open node. Illegal server. Question 3 How can merchants in developing countries benefit from the use of cellular telephones? Reduce the number of employees find out about product movement Spend less on data communications Replace land-based telephone systems Question 4 How does electronic commerce (e-commerce) affect an organization’s reach? The volume of information that can be stored about a person increases. It decreases the number of potential customers to whom the company can market its products. It increases the number of potential customers to whom the company can market its products. The diversity of information that can be provided to customers increase. Question 5 War chalking is the practice of marking sidewalks and walks to indicate the presence of a: Wi-Fi Internet hub. Wi-Max antenna system. Bluetooth antenna system. Distributed antenna system. Question 6 Second generation (2G) cellular technology has which of
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