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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2511
Cristobal Sanchez- Rodriguez

Siya Khanna Mr. Brodie BOH4M1 Business Report The Article I chose to analyze from the Toronto Star newspaper was "Lululemon branches out to new products". This article was written by John Spears and published on February 16th, 2013 (See attached copy). Article Summary - 1.0 This article is about the company Lululemon branching out to a new market and including menswear in its product selection. Lululemon Athletica is a yoga-inspired athletic clothing company mainly targeted towards women. Recently many NHL players have been flocking to Lululemon for their underwear which has now become the "choice of underwear" among these players says CEO Christine Day. The company is now expanding from just carrying women's clothing to men's clothing as well. Lululemon has recently opened up two showrooms in Hong Kong, and are looking for space for a full-scale store. The company currently has stores in other countries around the world such as Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand. Sales staff at Lululemon are referred to as "educators" who view customers as "guests" who through sharing stories, create the need for the product and sell it to their consumers. Competitors however are selling lower quality products for lower prices and similar designs. The CEO states this does not concern her because Lululemon is continually coming up with more innovative designs to draw her consumers. Major Point of Article - 2.0 The major point of this article is that Lululemon is taking a huge step as a company and moving forward to no longer only carry women's athletic wear, but also include men's athletic wear in their selection. The company states increasing their target market is a part of their growth strategy and have been offering free samples of briefs to men in their audiences as a promotion Siya Khanna Mr. Brodie BOH4M1 and as a method of creating product awareness. They are also investing in international growth through the opening of the showrooms in Hong Kong. Major Business concepts- 3.0 There were 3 major concepts connecting to the content from the BOH4M course in this article. Those which include Management and the Roles of Managers, Competitive Advantage, and Specific Environment. Concept #1 Management - 3.1 Managers are those individuals who directly support and encourage the work efforts of others in an organization. Managers today have many roles and must no
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