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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2600
Kieran Furlong

LA&PS 2600B Introduction to Human Resource Management Summer (S1) 2013 ADMINISTRATION Instructor: Dr. Mark Podolsky E-Mail: [email protected] COURSE OBJECTIVES The purpose of this course is to illustrate the important role human resources plays in facilitating organizational objectives. Throughout the course you will examine topics related to major human resource functions: legal issues, job design, recruitment, selection, performance appraisal, training & development, retention, compensation, collective bargaining, and strategic and global management. This course focuses on human resource issues that every manager needs to understand and deal with when building a high performance global organization. REQUIRED READING MATERIALS Textbook. Belcourt, N., Bohlander, G., & Snell, S. (2011). Managing Human Resources (5 or 6 Edition). ITP Nelson: Toronto, ON. The textbook was chosen because of its quality as well as its Canadian content. It is an excellent resource to help you understand concepts across various areas of Human Resources. GRADE EVALUATION Midterm 30% The midterm examination will be held on Thursday May 23 Examination from 7:00 – 9:00pm. Both the midterm and final examinations may consist of: short answer, case analysis questions, and/or multiple choice. We will finalize location and format on-line. Term Project 30% Electronic Submission (see course schedule) Final Examination 40% To be scheduled by Registrar between Wed. June 19 and Fri. st June 21 . There is no make-up exam for final exams. STANDARDS OF PERFORMANCE It is expected that the student will have completed the assigned readings, viewed and taken notes from the posted lectures, and participated in on-line discussions in order to clarify issues and to generally prepare for the exams and the term project. If you have a question about some of the course content, you can be sure that others do as well. For this reason, I would prefer that ADMS 2600 2 questions be asked in the on-line course forum or during one of the live chat sessions that will be held throughout the term. Examination and Participation Examination results and the quality of assignments will determine the student’s grade. It is expected that the student will write the midterm and final examinations on the scheduled day, time, and location. Students who are not able to write the final on the date assigned by the registrar will have to defer the exam until the next semester’s exam period. Please be aware of this policy when planning your travel. No exceptions will be made. It is expected that assignments will be turned in on time. Assignments handed in past their due date will be assigned a penalty of (5%) per day late except under extreme circumstances that are outside of the student’s control. Occasionally the instructor may add an additional reading for a specific class, if he/she deems it necessary for the better understanding of the topic. Academic misconduct is a very serious issue with potential consequences ranging from failure in the course in question to dismissal from the university. Academic misconduct is defined broadly as any act that violates the rights of another student in academic work or that involves misrepresentation of your own work. Academic misconduct will be dealt with in a manner consistent with York University policy. ADMS 2600 3 CLASS SCHEDULE Week of Topic Readings May 6-10 Course Intro Chapter 1 & 2 May 6-10 HR Overview May 13-17 Job Analysis Chapter 4 HRM Law & May 13-17 Diversity. Chapter 3 May 20-24 Recruitment & Chapter 5 & 6 Selection May 23 Midterm Ch. 1-6 May 28-31 Training Chapter 7 May 28-31 Performance Mgt. Chapter 8 Managing June 3-7 compensation & Chapters 9 & 10 incentive plans Benefits, Health & Chapter 11 & 12 June 3-7 Safety Projects are due June 9 (Moodle submission) Labor Relations & June 10-14 Collective Chapters 13 & 14 Bargaining & Discipline June 10-14 Global HRM. Chapter 15 ADMS 2600 4 General instructions for projects Title of the project: Why is HR Important? This is an individual project worth 30% of your course grade. Specific Evaluation Guidelines The goal of the project is to allow you to integrate all the information from this course into an overall understanding of the purpose that HR serves in the organization and to society; and to encourage an understanding of one HR practice that is deeper than is covered in class. Specifically, you should address the issue of the purpose of HR (how does HR contribute to the organization?), and then based on that understanding of HR’s contribution, demonstrate how a single HR practice can be used to fulfill that purpose. For example, you could choose compensation (or selection, or benefits, or diversity mgt, etc.) as the HR practi
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