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Hr 2600 Test mc questions Ch11

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2600
Peter Modir

Chapter 11 Employee BenefitsMULTIPLE CHOICE1A large portion of an organizations total payroll is devoted to employee benefits and this figure has risen over the past few decades Which of the following has NOT contributed to this increasing costaadditional benefits offered voluntarily by organizationsblegislation forcing employers to establish some benefitscthe use of online interactive benefits programsdemployers trying to match the competitionANSCREFpage 440OBJ1234BLMApplication2Which of the following is a key reason why employers need to communicate the extent and value of the benefits they provideaThis is required by the lawbEmployees generally underestimate the value of the benefits offeredcIt immediately reduces the overall costsdThe HR department needs this information for its newslettersANSBREFpage 440OBJ1BLMUnderstandingApplication3Which of the following would NOT be considered a primary objective of most benefits programsareducing turnoverbimproving employee satisfactioncretaining topperforming employeesdattracting and motivating employeesANSAREFpage 441OBJ1BLMUnderstanding4Which of the following do employers often use to obtain employee input regarding benefits packagesaperformance appraisalsbopinion surveyscunion reports Copyright 2011 by Nelson Education Ltd1dpsychological testsANSBREFpage 441OBJ1BLMApplication5Susie Jones has definite preferences in terms of the benefits offered by her employer Susie will be able to select the benefits she values highly and avoid those she does not need or want if her employer offers which benefit formataan employee selection planba flexible benefits planca benefit poolda modified benefits systemANSBREFpage 442OBJ1BLMApplicationCopyright 2011 by Nelson Education Ltd2
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