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Second Mid-Term Notes

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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 2600
Wai Ming Ho

Chapter 5STRATEGIC ASPECTS OF RECRUITINGWho Should be RecruitingEmployee ProfileA profile of a worker developed by studying an organizations top performer to recruit similar types of people Organizations that want to focus on their core functions sometimes outsource their recruiting functionsRecruiting Process Outsourcing RPOThe practice of outsourcing an organizations recruiting function to an outside firmEmployees sometimes use RPO functions when they need to hire a lot of employees or hire employees quicklyRPO can also be useful when a firm has trouble finding suitable candidates and needs access to different talent poolsRecruiters are often a main reason why applicants select one organization over anotherShould a firm recruit internally or externallyInternallyMost managers try to fill job vacancies above the entry level position to capitalize on the organizations investments into selecting training and developing its current employeesPromoting employees rewards them for past performance and encourages them to continue to work harderalso gives other employees the notion that they can attain the same benefits if they perform similarly tooPromotions can increase employee moraleTransferees performance record is likely to be more accurate than the outside applicantsExternallyManagers need to be aware of the potential limitations of recruiting internally as well Jobs that require specialized training and experience cannot always be easily filled within the organization Applicant hired from outside can be a source of creativity and innovation and bring new knowledge Some applicant bring more then knowledge they bring revenue ex clientReaching diversity goals another reason to hire externallyLabour MarketsInternal Labour Market Labour pool within the companyhigh unemployment means organizations can from unsolicited resumes and their internal labour marketa labour market with low unemployment might force the employer to advertise heavily or seek assistance from local employment agenciesLabour market depends on the certain industry the firm operates Regional and Global Markets Firms locate near their talent and resourcesGlobal SourcingThe business practice of searching for and utilizing good and services from around the worldChallenges of hiring globally are laws visas work permits etc different labour costs preemployment and compensation practices and cultural differences associated with the countries in which they are recruiting Foreign workers can be hired through Human Resources and Skill Development Canada BrandingBrandingA companys efforts to help existing and prospective workers understand why it is a desirable place to workFocus on what employees want in terms of job and careersSocial Media another method of communicatingWriting blogs and articles for industry publicationsPhilanthropic activities are good for attracting Generation Y applicantsRECRUITMENT CHANNELSRecruiting InternallyInternal Job PostingsQuick way to find qualified employees interested in a position Can post on bulletins or intranet sites Employees can be electronically notified about interviewsIdentifying Talent Through Performance AppraisalsIdentifying and developing all employees is a role that all managers should take seriously9box gridA comparative diagram that includes appraisals and assessment data allow manager to easily see an employees actual and potential performance Can help managers determine what the developmental needs of the employee are and what the persons next steps within the organization might be Skills Inventories and Replacement ChartsFirms use skill inventories to help track employees education past work experience vocational interests specific abilities and skills compensation history and job tenure to see how they best be usedReplacement charts are an important tool for succession planningManagers often hire external candidates rather than promote their current employees because they have tendency to overvalue unfamiliar candidates and undervalue known onesTo lessen the chances of losing top performers some managers actively identify highpotential at risk employees and take steps to retain these people Recruiting ExternallyAdvertisementAdvertising job opening on websites newspapers trade journals are commonLow literacy rate countries suggests ads such as television an radioLinkedIn or nonprofit organizations will attract different types of candidates Well written advertisements highlight the major assets of the position while showing that an organization will respond to the lifestyle and career needs of applicantsThe more information disclosed about the job the betterWalks Ins and Unsolicited applications and ResumesIt is believed that individuals who contact employers on their own initiative will be better employees than those recruited through newspapers adsNot treating applicants with respect will hurt a firms employer brand Research has shown a an employee treated well will tell 1 person and one that has been treated badly will tell 11
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