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Human Resource Management finals notes.doc

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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 2600

HRM Final Exam ReviewHuman Resource ManagementThe process of managing human talent to achieve an organizations objectives Strategic PlanningInvolves a set of procedures for making decisions about the organizations longterm goalsstrategies Focus on how the organization will position itself relative to its competitors to ensure its longterm survival create valuegrow Human Resource Planning HRP The process of anticipatingproviding for the movement of people into withinout of an organization oStrategic formulation Whether a firm has the typesnumbers of people available to pursue a given strategy oStrategy implementation Company executives must make resource allocation decisions to implement that strategy including decisions related to the firms structure processeshuman capital Strategic formulation Combines strategic planningHR planning Pattern of human resources deploymentsactivities that enable an organization to achieve its strategic goalsHR Planning 1Mission VisionValues oMission The basic purpose of the organization as well as its scope of operations oStrategic Vision Statement about where the company is goingwhat it can become in the future clarifies the longterm direction of the companyits strategic intent oCore values The strongenduring beliefsprinciples that the company uses as a foundation for its decisions 2Environmental analysisoEnvironmental scanning Systematic monitoring of the major external forces influencing the organization6 forces1Economic factorsdevelopment information 2Industrycompetitive trends 3Technological changes 4Governmentlegislative issues 5Social concerns6Demographiclabour market trends 3Internal analysis oProvides strategic decision makers with an inventory of organizational skillsresources as well as performance levels o3Cs capabilities compositionculture 4Formulating strategy oSWOT analysis 1HRM Final Exam Review A comparison of strengths weaknesses opportunitiesthreats for strategy formulation purposes 5Strategy implementation 6Evaluationassessment Employment EquityoInvolves identifyingremoving systematic barriers to employment opportunities that adversely affect women visible minorities Aboriginal peoplepeople with disabilitiesoAlso involves implementing special measuresmaking reasonable accommodationoThe employment of individuals in a fairnonbiased manner Pay Equity oEqual pay for work of equal value Pay Equality oEqual pay for equal work Human Rights Legislation oProhibits discrimination in employment in the provision of goodsservices oTo provide equal employment opportunities ie prevent discrimination to members of protected groups o2 levels of legislation oFederal Canadian Human Rights Act CHRA 1978 Employers under federal jurisdiction About 10 of labour force Eg federal government crown corps banks airlines etc oProvincial Ontario Human Rights Code 1962 Employers under provincial jurisdiction About 90 of labour force Eg manufacturing Boeing retail Canadian Tire service Covers most people When you work in another province or have to work in another province rulesregulations a little differentUniversity federally funded but is a provincial legislation Bona Fide Occupational Requirements BRORBFOQ oNot allowed to discriminate if its not job related oJob requirement that overrides protected rounds oYou need certain things to carry out the job2
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