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Administrative Studies
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ADMS 2600
Sean Alexander

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MID TERM Part A 1 3HRM Strategic Planning Step Strategic analysis formulation implementation 2 4 Evaluation Steps Kirkland 3 5Stages of Career Development Preparation for work organization entry early career mid career late career 4 4ToolsTechniques for Career Success Part B 1 2Competitive Challenges HRM faces Ch1 2 Role of Job Analysishow relates to two HRM functions Ch4 3 4Types of Interviews Ch6 4 4System Approach to Training Ch7Chapter 1 Gain Sustainable Competitive Advantage through ppl HRM manage human talents to achieve organization objectives staffing job design train reward performance core competencies motivate valuable workers rare hire the best difficult to imitate organized Competitive Challenges1 Globalization partnering wfirms in foreign country for international trade Globalization Affects HRM consider different geographic cultures laws business practices Identifyingcapable managersworkers developing foreign culturetraining programs adjusting compensation plansnegative globalization taken manufacturing jobs away to lower wage countries like china2 Technology training through technology for decisionmakingproblem solving working from homecell phones HR Information System HRIS controldecision making stores large quantities of data lower costincrease3 Managing ChangeproductivityReactive external forces have affected performance ex Steve Jobs stepped insaved Apple from crisis Proactive takes advantage of target opportunities Managing change through HRchange mgmt help to keep employees focused on the success of the business 1sense of urgency 2powerful coalition 3leaders wvision 4communication 5remove obstacles 6planning 4 Human Capital knowledge skills capabilities an individual has to an organization 5 Responding to Market Total Quality Mgmt TQM customer needs doing things rightcontinuous improvements Six Sigma customer needs to task performed wone another find mistake before it happens Reengineering rethink redesign business processes to improve cost quality speed 6 Cost affect HR policies labourhealthcare cost largest expenditure of company Lay Off Policy hidden cost to company severance pay vacationsick days pensionbenefits potential lawsuits Downsizing eliminating jobs companies that dont layoff can benefit wno layoff policy Outsourcing contract outside firm to have work done ex Accounting firm to take care of financial services Offshoring sending jobs to other countries where they can do job for less money Productivity Enhancement Motivation job enrichment promotion coaching feedback Environment empowerment teams leaders culture Ability recruitment selection development train HRM Responsibility 1advisecouncil 2service recruitselecttrain 3policy implementation 4employee advocacy listen to concerns HRM Competencies 1Business Mastery customer orientation external relations wcustomers 2HR Mastery knowledge of staffing development rewards communication 3Change Mastery adapt changes in firm problemsolving rewards system 4Personal Credibility personal relationship trust firms valuebeliefs
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