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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2600
Sean Alexander

Chapter 8 Performance Appraisal performed anytime by supervisor to help employees understand their roles objectives expectations and performance improves performance1 Administrative compensation job evaluation reward promoted transfer laid off2 Developmental evaluation training career planning feedback Appraisals will Fail lack of mgmt support unclear standards difficult to give negative feedback Performance Appraisal and HRM Functions Recruitment performance appraisal judges effectiveness of recruitment efforts Selection performance appraisal validates selection function workers who meet requirements Training performance appraisal determines training needs Compensation determines pay Labour Relations performance appraisal justifies personnel actions Effective AppraisalStrategic Relevance individual standards relate to strategic goalCriterion Deficiency standard capture all individual contributionCriterion Contamination performance capability is not reduced by external factorsReliabilitystandards are quantifiable measurable and stable Sources of Appraisal manager subordinate selfappraisal peer team customer 360Degree AppraisalPros system comprehensive multiple perspectives better info feedback increase employee selfdevelopmentCons system is complex feedback can be intimidating system requires training to work effectively Training Performance Appraisers errors 1 Central tendency all employees are rated about average 2 Strictness give all employees either unusually high or unusually low ratings 3 Similar to me mutual personal connection 4 Recency employees most recent behaviour5 ContrastHalo evaluation comparison of another employee just previously evaluated Trait Methods Performance Evaluation1 Graphic RatingScale employee rated to scale of individual characteristics 2 MixedStandard better than equal to or worse than standards 3 Forced Choice successful and unsuccessful performance 4 Essay Method statement describing employee behaviourBehavioural Methods action oriented 1 Critical Incident mgrs keep logs for employee throughout appraisal period2 Behavioural Checklist characteristic of the employees performance or behaviour 3 Behaviourally Anchored for each dimension of job performance 4 Behaviour Observation distinguishing good from poor performers provide feedbackResults Methods objective oriented 1 Productivity Measures measures directly what employees accomplish sales volume 2 Management by Objectives MBO employee achievement of goal 3 Balanced Scorecard focus on financial customer measure internal processes Types of Appraisal Interviews tellsell persuasive telllisten nondirective problem solvingChapter 9 Direct Compensation wages commission bonuses gainsharing Indirect no work vacationbreaks insurance plans healthdental security plans pension Compensation Goal motivate employees retain employees attract employees HRM Function to Compensation 1 Recruitment help recruitment by rate of pay can increase or limit supply of applicant 2 Selection pay rates affect selection standards by level of pay required 3 Training pay can motivate training increase knowledge leads to higher pay4 Compensation determines the employee pay of rate Strategic Compensation Plan links employees to mission objectivesculture HR establishes payforperformance
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