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MIDTERM Review 2

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2610
Robert Levine

ADMS 2610 SECTIONS B PRACTICE EXERCISESPART 1Contracts1 A retailer of digital watches wants to order new watches from their manufacturer for 50 per watch The manufacturer takes older watches some do not work repairs them and cleans them up making them look like new These watches are shipped to the retailer who pays for them on delivery On receipt of the watches the retailer immediately realizes that they are not new but having advertised them for sale tries to fix them up without success The retailer then contacts the manufacturer cancelling the contract and asking for its money back but the manufacturer refusesAdvise the retailer of its rightsFraudulent Misrepresentation false statement by manufacturer that knew he wasnt selling new watches remedy rescissiondamages contract voidable on incident party decisionFundamental Breach manufacturer failed to perform terms of contract remedy rescissionreturn money contract voidable2 Give an example of the followinga an invitation to treatGoods on a rack with price tags on themb an offerA offers to purchase B car for 500ca contractA and B enter into contract and agree on3 Which of the following
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