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MIDTERM Review 1

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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 2610
Robert Levine

QUESTION 1 CONTRACTSa A offers to sell his truck to B a minor for 5000 B buys the truck but later decides he does not want itProviding your reasons advise BContract voidable minor w nonnecessary goods can return if in same condition purchased b A supplies vegetables to food stores Today he met with B a manager of a food store who needs to buy bushels of grapes After looking at the grapes B tells A that hell think about buying the grapes from A and will let him know later Grapes are marketable within a twoweek period Two weeks have gone by and A has heard nothing from B and now wants to sell the grapes to CAdvise A providing your reasonsLapse marketable period of 2 weeks A can sell to third party c A and B are talking about As surroundsound amplifier which A bought for 8000 B offers 3500 for it A says wont give it up for less than 5500 and B says Ill give you 5000If A take the 5000 is there a contract Yes there is offer by Bacceptance by A d A wants to build a house for his daughter so he contacts B to build the house for 300000 B does a very poor job and the daughter now wants to sue B Advise the daughter providing your reasonsPrivity contract is between AB party not in contract cannot enforce it e A developer enters into a contract with B land owner to develop a subdivision on Bs land The contract is oral A begins to clear the land and remove the soil Shortly after A begins B decides he does not want the land developed and cancels the contract with B returning Bs moneyAdvise B providing your reasonsStatute of Fraud this is oral contractmust be written contract for land contracts par performance B can enforce contract if shows act of ownership by
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