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Administrative Studies
ADMS 3015
Marlene Bernholtz

ADMS 3015 Professional Communication in a Canadian Context News of the Week Report - week 4 Knight, R. (2011, November 3) Delivering an Effective Performance Review [Web log post]. Retrieved from: http://blogs.hbr.org/hmu/2011/11/delivering-an-effective-perfor.html Topic Performance review process guidelines for managers. Summary In “Delivering an Effective Performance Review,” Rebecca Knight discusses strategies of conducting effective performance appraisals, which help managers to provide a productive and non- stressful feedback to their subordinates. Preparation is an important part of efficient communication process, so a manager should set goals at the very beginning of performance management cycle considering not only organizational goals, but personal career objectives and aptitudes of an employee. While preparing to the meeting the manager should create a final report beforehand. The author recommends asking for positively focused preliminary report from the subordinate, as well as requesting feedback from his/her colleagues for memory refreshing and cultivating positive attitude to assessment. It is worth providing a copy of appraisal report to the employee at least an hour before the meeting to minimize emotional reaction for unexpected assessment results. Citing Dick Grote, a well-known performance management expert, Rebecca Knight suggests using modified sandwich approach by prioritizing positive parts only for competent workers and constructively discussing deficiencies with minor sugarcoating for marginal ones. A strategy for coaching part of appraisal is to use “stop, start, and continue” model for both solid and poor performers. The manager needs to connect employee’s competencies with particular job responsibilities and to recommend techniques and methods of behaviour improvement based on behaviour analysis. Usually salary merit increase and ranking are the most stressful issues for any 1 subordinate, while they are not as important and stressful for the manager. Rebecca Knight suggests not leaving them for the last minute, as it might decrease the efficiency of assessment and coaching parts of performance appraisal. Finally the article describes two cases demonstrating ineffectiveness of redundant sugarcoating, which makes the message unclear and leads to further problem increase. Analysis The article addresses the issue of managing employee performance by discussing strengths and weaknesses and assessing performance results and behaviour. So the goal of communication in this case is to increase employee’s productivity through providing constructive and efficient feedback. In business communication course we have discussed the efficient communication strategy that includes preparation and goal setting,
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