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3351 Assignment 2 SU 2012

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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 3351

AP/ADMS 3351 A Operations Management Summer 2012 ASSIGNMENT 2 Due date : June 14, 2012 @ 10:00pm extended to June 17, 2012 (Sunday) @ 10:00pm Assignment Instructions (please read carefully) 1. While I encourage study groups and brainstorming, assignments are to be done on an individual basis. They are NOT group work. Please review the Senate Policy on Academic Honesty at the following URL: 2. Penalties for infractions such as cheating and/or plagiarism are severe and will be enforced. 3. Your name and student number must be on every page of your assignment. 4. Assignments should be organized by question. That means every piece of information for that question is found in the same section of the report. If I have to look for it, it is not organized. 5. All calculations are to be completed to the 4 decimal place, unless told otherwise. Show your Work. 6. Must use provided cover page. (page 2 of this document). You must sign the cover page. 7. Each Question( 1 to 3) must start on a new page, do not include a cover page for each question. Staple your assignment and supporting documents (if any) as appendix to individual question reports. 8. Equations can be generated in either word or excel using the following instructions within the program: Insert > Object > Microsoft Equation 9. Assignments are to be typed on the computer using statistical analysis programs and word processing programs (i.e. Word and Excel).. Handwritten material will not be marked. If you are not able to draw diagrams by using computer. Follow these steps: • Draw by hand then scan and include the object in your document. 10. If more than one copy of the assignment submitted or same student name appears on more than one assignment the latest copy submitted within deadline will be selected. 11. This assignment has five pages in all having three questions. 12. Assignments submitted after the due date and time (mentioned above) will not be accepted. 13. Please remember that this is a testing instrument and, in fairness to all students, I will not be answering questions related to the assignment. Just do your best. 14. Please submit only one file for the assignment either in word (doc) or pdf format. If you submit Assignment more than one time then last copy submitted will be marked. 15. After submission, must check that your assignment is submitted. YORK UNIVERSITY Toronto, Ontario ADMS3351 3.0 Operations Management Summer 2012 Assignment # 2 Submitted to Prof. Shamim Abdullah Date Submitted: ____________ Due Date: June 17, 2012 until 10:00pm Submit online as instructed Personal Work Statement I, the undersigned: • warrant that the work submitted herein is my work and not the work of others • acknowledge that I have read and understood the Senate Policy on Academic Honesty • acknowledge that it is a breach of the University Regulations to give and receive unauthorized assistance on a graded piece of work • acknowledge that in case of cheating I will receive a score of “0” . • acknowledge that in case of not typing my assignment or not submitting it on time, I will receive a score of “0” Name (typed) York Student # Section Signature Following questions are submitted, please check the respective bo(Max marks 75) Question # 1 25 marks Question # 2 25 marks Question # 3 25 marks Question # 1 SAS Airlines is establishing a new telephone system for handling flight reservations. During the 9:30A.M to 10:30A.M time period, calls to the reservation agent occur randomly at an average of one call every 3.75 minutes. Historical service time data shows that a reservation agents spends an average of 3 minutes with each customer. The waiting line model assumptions of Poisson arrivals and exponential service time appear reasonable for the telephone reservation system. SAS Airlines’ management believes that offering an efficient telephone reservation system is an important part of establishing an image as a service - oriented airline. If the system is properly implemented, SAS Airlines will establish good customer relations, which in the long run, will increase business. However, if the telephone reservation system is frequently overloaded and customers have difficulty contacting an agent, a negative customer reaction may lead to an eventual loss of business. The cost of ticket-reservation agent is $20 per hour. Thus, management wants to provi
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