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Week 9 – Training and Development Applications.docx

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Administrative Studies
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ADMS 3410
Paul Fairlie

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Week 9Training and Development Applications Training for TeamsTeamGroup training Estimate vary but the majority at least 75 of Canadian and US corporations rely upon teams to attain their key outcomesTeams are individuals who joinwork together in order to accomplish mutual goals Formal and informal groupsoFormal organizationally definedoInformal member definedoCommon purposegoals and a sense of shared accountability TeamGroups Why people join groupsAffiliationpeople join groups to get their social needs met Attractionbc they are attracted to the goals that the group has set Activities are of interest to us Assistance Access proximity Team requirements When doing evaluation for team based training it is important to remember that there are hard and soft requirements for effective team functioning Soft requirementsglues that hold together the team
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