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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 3410
Paul Fairlie

Week 8Training And Development Applications Mentoring And CoachingMentoringMentoring tends to be more ongoing macrooriented and hierarchical in nature than coaching relationships It is because they tend to be between a more experienced senior employee and a junior employee VERTICAL RELATIONSHIP Mentoring is not just a oneway process Information and learning also flow from the protg to the mentor Mentors do not have all the answers and should not do the work of the protg Mentors are supposed to guide the protg Successful metering relationships require ongoing contact honesty mutual acceptance confidentiality and clear expectationsground rules about the relationshipprocess So there is no disappointment or unmet expectations Mentoring usually focuses on two aspects of the relationship provide career and socialnetworking supportImportant for inhouse talent development and retention Research on mentoring process shows that voluntary mentoring relationships are often more affective than formal or involuntary ones that are assigned by organizations HR personnel or managersTo be effective mentoring requires top managements support in terms of budgeting as well as for management and executives to encourage top performers currently in the organizations and new employee to enter into these new programs Orientatio
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