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Week 11 – Evaluation of training and development.docx

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 3410
Paul Fairlie

Week 11Evaluation of training and development including transfer of trainingLevels of training evaluationKirkpatrick developed a model that we can use to evaluate training outcomes Under this model there are 4 levels of training evaluationReaction of trainees toward the process they have gone through positive reaction to training Learningspecific learning skillsknowledge that the trainees go through effectively Behaviourhow trainees apply the training on the job Resultspositive effects on outcomes ie customer service etc COMA Modela training evaluation model that suggests the measurement of variables that fall into 4 categoriesCognitive variablesrefer to the level of learning that the trainee has gained from a training programOrganizational environmentrefers to a cluster of variables that are generated by the work environment and that impact transfer of training Motivationrefers to the desire to learn and transfer on the job what was presented in the trainingAttitudesrefer to the individuals feelings and thinking process Decisionbased evaluation modelis a training evaluation model developed by Kurt Kraiger that specifies 3 variablesIdentifies the target of the evaluationwhat do we wish to find out from the evaluationoThe model specifies 3 potential targets for the evaluation 1 Trainee change 2 Organizational payoff and 3 Program improvement Identifies the focuswhat are the variables we will measureSuggests the methods that may be appropriate for conducting the evaluation Training evaluation criteriaIn training and development there are a number of criteria that can be usedEvaluation of oOutcomes cost volumeproductivity and time Hard and soft data oChanges in KSAOs and workers proficiencyoTraining program and process strengths and weaknessesoDesign methodology W5HExamine oCost benefitoNet benefit oReturn on TD investment oUtilitymarginal increaseimprovement that we get as a result of the training program Specific indicatorsReductions in oProduction time oErrors including resourcesmaterial wastage from worker production processes
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