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Administrative Studies
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Paul Fairlie

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Chapter 13Training ProgramsManagement and supervisory skills training professional skills training occupational health and safety training information technology skills training and technical process and procedures account for over half of the total training investment of Canadian organizations On the other hand basic skills training received the lowest percentage of training investment with only 2 Orientation training Orientation training refers to programs that introduce new employees to their job the people they will be working with and the organization Formal orientation and training programs have become the main method used by organizations to socialize new employees Employees who attend orientation training have been found to be more socialized in terms of their knowledge and understanding of the organizations goals and values history and involvement with people Employees who attend orientation training also have higher organizational commitment as a result of their greater socialization Effective orientation programs can also shape corporate culture increase new employees speedtoproficiency and lower turnover Essential skill training Essential skills are the skills required for work learning and life They are necessary and a foundation of learning other skills and being able to adapt to workplace changes There are 9 types of essential skills reading text document use numeracy writing oral communication working with others continuous learning thinking skills and compu
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