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HR Planning Midterm Notes

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 3430
Mark Podolsky

 Learning organization and the 5 steps involved in it 1. Assess - staff knowledge gaps and skill areas through online surveys, one-on-one interviews or focus groups. 2. Plan - enterprise-wide training based on assessments and learning needs analysis, to create outlined curricula for every staff resource track. 3. Develop – curricula, courses, learning programs based on identified need and learning delivery type. 4. Implement – learning philosophy and deploy training programs. 5. Evaluate – learning effectiveness of delivered programs for levels of learner use, completion, mastery of content and learner satisfaction.  managing change articles, forecasting and planning  lewins 3 step model and integrate emergent change (similarities and differences) 1. Unfreezing - disconfirmation of the validity of the status quo, the induction of guilt or survival anxiety, and creating psychological safety. (prepare for change) 2. Moving - any attempt to predict or identify a specific outcome from planned change is very difficult because of the complexity of the forces concerned. Instead, one should seek to take into account all the forces at work and identify and evaluate, on a trial and error basis, all the available options. 3. Refreezing - new behaviour must be, to some degree, congruent with the rest of the behaviour, personality and environment of the learner or it will simply lead to a new round of disconfirmation.  organization strategy A strategy is successful if it addresses customer needs and creates competitive advantage. The key to successful strategy is to evaluate the fit of that strategy with a changing environment & forecast its performance if adopted.  Porter -Firms lean towards operational effectiveness (i.e., efficiency) instead of focusing on strategy. -temporary fix -easily imitated -important, but does not lead to sustainable profitability. -benchmarking is a popular activity. -cannot satisfy everyone all the time (choices/trade-offs are required) -focus on what is core to the organization. the best strategies involve ‘fit’, where activities are reinforcing  Mintzberg Strategy is based on the past and is planned, but it is also emergent (through organizational learning about the customer, product, environment, etc.).Focus on implementing the current strategy, rather than reformulating new strategy.  opperational effectiveness Perform different activities (or the same activities in different ways)  purpose of hr (understand what makes hr strategic) 1. a relationship between employees and their employing organization 2. a set of policies and practices 3. a shared organizational function 4. a body of knowledge  value proposition A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered and a belief from the customer that value will be experienced. A value proposition can apply to an entire organization, or parts thereof, or customer accounts, or products or services. Competitive advantage is achieved if the value proposition is important to customers, different from competitors, & hard to match. 1. Goals  What are the business’ aims? (can be specific & measurable - growth, profitability; o
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