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ADMS 3470

Module 1 Chapter 1 Companies uses company websites and large online job boards to attract job candidates and are two most frequently used methods Hiring the right person is the ultimate goal not to get many candidates Employers wont attract right job candidates if their messages fail to address their target audiences interest Selecting the right candidate taps into different aspects of human talents knowledge experience competencies and personal attributes One problem in selections is that its over reliance on traditional methods such as application forms manual resume screening and background checks Gut feeling and intuition also plays a major role in hiring The interview a critical selections tool Interviewers irritated candidates in the major ways oMaking the interview look unimportant oTaking an insensitive approach oAsking inappropriate questions What is HR oEmployees associates and knowledge workers oPersonal an Human resourcesLine Employees directly involved in producing company goods or servicesStaff Employees who support the line function Managers People in charge of others and responsible for the timely and correct execution of actions that promote their units performance and successoHR is also a set of policies and practices that mediate the relationship between employer and employee oHR is also a share organization function handled by HR experts within the orgs HR department oHR is also a body of knowledge meaning interdisciplinary set of theories and practices designed to assist in recruitment selection development compensation retention appraisal and exit of employees Economics sociology organisation development and org behaviour Three families of HRM definitions oHuman beings as valuable organizational resources HRM is a broad general management function dealing with the proper management understanding maintenance development utilization and integration of individuals in the workplace It implies a management philosophy consistent with the view that employees are valuable organizational resources rather than expenses that the HR department should minimizeoHRM as a specialist organizational functionHRM is a new synonym with personnel management the management of employees by specialist staffIt assumes the existence of a set of best or acceptable practices for making effective use of workers and attempts to detail theseoHRM as practical union avoidanceManagerialistunitarist rebirth in Britain during the Thatcher yearsScholars with a pluralistworkerist orientation view HRM as a sophisticated form of union avoidance and a camouflaged method of managerial controlThey focus not on the tools which HRM encourages or uses but rather on the different ways that HRM conveys managerial legitimacy Primary HR activities Strategic HR planning Recruitment selection employee relations and services Recruitment The generation of an applicant pool for a position or job in order to provide the required number of candidates for a subsequent selection or promotion program Selection The choice of job candidates from an applicant pool in a way that will meet management goals and comply with legal requirementsoMultiple levels of selection Entry level upward promotion lateral transfer training development programs Strategic importance of RSright RS will improve company productivity ensure equity create motivation among employees Reduce employee turnover retention increase attrition erosion reduces SocialEconomic factors affecting RS Forces external to a firm that affect the firms performance but are beyond the control of managementGlobalization international trade trade agreements imports and exports MNEs enter into local industries threating local small industries Companies now have to be more efficient to compete these international giants Technological advances technology is everywhere Now employers expect all their employees to be computer literate RS is done through internet in most companies Gov Canada does all their recruiting online resume watching and other stuff Benefits of erecruiting are access to a larger pool lower recruiting costs eliminate printing costs and issues capability of immediate tracking Workforce diversity pensioners have grown from 12 to 21 by 2050 Mandatory retirement at the age of 65 has been abolished and HR has to make policies and procedures to deal with post 65 workers Canadian work force is more gender balanced and Canada has a very diverse workforce Skill shortages when there is a skill shortage and large number of applicants employers must be careful in selecting the right applicant Legislation could have sudden changes so HR has to try to figure out trends and prepare Evolving work and family roles HR has to design a flexible schedule to adjust these Updating the educational system More Canadians have a university degree than any other developed nation But its the masses that are enjoying the benefits of the systemmany people who fall outside the norm are left behind namely immigrants and gifted children Many newcomers to Canada arent fluent in English or French and struggle in the classroom due to curriculum gaps and trouble integrating with other kids o425 of Portuguese speakers dont finish Grade 12o391 of Spanish speakers drop out of high schoolo367 of Somali youth fail to complete secondary schoolPart of the problem stems from the curriculum itself The material is still geared toward Caucasian Canadianborn children and many immigrants cant relate Many gifted children are also illsuited to the standard classroom setup gifted doesnt mean people with a high IQ Rather it refers to the 5 of the population that have a divergent brain oUnlike 95 of us who have a convergent brain and use specialized parts of the mind depending on the task gifted students use their entire brain on every problem Theyre creative but they often have trouble staying focused
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